Over 4 Million Queries received DuckDuckGo On January 2014


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In terms of giant search engine Google is well known to all. But beside of this there are many popular search engine remain which is more effective than giant search engine in terms of protect privacy. I believe very few people know about DuckDuckGo but this anonymous search tool have answered about 1 billion queries in 2013. This is a big achievement for a search engine. The only 2 features worked in favor of DuckDuckGo because they protect users privacy and avoid the "filter bubble" of personalized search results. However in 7th January 2014 DuckDuckGo search tool receive over 4 million (serving 4,452,957 queries within 24-hour period ) which has the biggest day ever.

DuckDuckGo said in a Blogpost about their expectation in 2014-

"We're looking forward to similar greatness in 2014. We have a lot of big things planned for this year that we hope will address a lot of the excellent feedback you have been giving us for some time. So please stay tuned."

We can understand the performance from the DuckDuckGo traffic stats-


The main reason of popularity of DuckDuckGo that it doesn't store personal information that really hate most users such as IP addresses, It prevent searches from being linked to individuals sites, and DuckDuckGo keeps your all data safe from third parties by enabling encryption by default.

The giant search engine Google receive "over 1 trillion searches a year" serving in the 146 languages. And Google also began encrypting all searches by default in September 2013 but Google should enable this system before. You would notice that when you search something Google will store your data web history and later other people can get information about you data. Even when you sign in our Gmail or Blogger account then it store the data. So without any save searches users privacy can't protect any search engine.

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However, though DuckDuckGo receiving millions of search query daily  but this search tool is far away from Google. DuckDuckGo must work more to boost their user higher than its current level, so long way to go. you can use this search engine tool by visiting their site https://duckduckgo.com/.
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