Motivation and Inspiration for Better Blog in 2014

Better Blog in 2014

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After 1 year of walking through on blogging pathway now BloggerSpice is in second year. BloggerSpice gain many thing within 1 year but it was not according to desire. The most achievement is Google Page Rank and the mostly lost inspiration within one year. From the last week I am again researching on BlogegrSpice content and trying to add some extra information and topic as well as already added some new categories for writing more content. Maybe inspiration is working for me but it is very hard to write always new and unique topics.

Blogger can have the best tactical plan in the blogging world but the main problem is motivation. If they have no motivation, craving or drive for their blogging it will almost always amount to nothing at all. The key success of blogging is taken a long term approach to blogging which appeals for constant work. By reading various journal and story of successful blogger I have learned one thing that to become a successful blogger 1 year is not enough I have to work constantly to reach my desire goal.

For building better blog in 2014 proper motivation inspiration required. I am providing some suggestion for better blogging in 2014.

1. Series Article

It is very hard to constantly come up with new and unique topics each day so we can easily pick a larger topic and can publish it break down over a week or so. A series article can fast track the process. In series article there has a chance to engage your visitors with your blog for longer time. Beside of this readers will get crystal clear idea but reading in details.

2. Readers Request

You can get your readers involved in your blog by inviting question from them. If you can write topic according to readers request then it would be more fruitful to get positive response from your readers. More readers will be loyal to your blog and it will stimulate your ideas for topics.

3. Reenter to older Posts

If your blog has huge posts and articles then new readers rarely go through older posts. So you should update older posts frequently. Especially in case of SEO topic every blogger should update their posts because by practicing older SEO trick readers can harm their blog. So after change new SEO rules you should change or update or give notice about new rules in older posts.

4. Redesign your blog

This is absolutely necessary for blogger to change or redesign their blog. Because this is the age of responsive blog design. Smart device users dramatically increased than last year and increasing day by day, so for best fit your blog in all device your blog must be responsive. And those who are already using responsive design but slower to load they you can Tweak it, adapt it or completely redesign it. This may give your blog more energy and traffic.

5. Create an Idea Journal

Suppose you are highly motivated and inspired to write new articles but you have many ideas in your mind then you should create an idea journal. Because this idea journal will help your when your lose inspiration to write. So constantly jotting down ideas for writing new posts or series every day.

6. Set weekly Posting goal

To keep your blog in track you must make posts planned way. It will work best if you can set a goal that how many post you will publish per week? Recently my plan to publish 10-15 posts per week. But after receiving my desired traffic I will increase the number of posts. It’s amazingly can help to get your blogging into gear.

7. Get a Guest Blogger

Guest blogger can expand your blog image among readers. Beside of this it will help to achieve your blog posting goal. Guest article always help to get rid of regular pressure for writing posts daily. It will give you new ideas from them. And you can write also with the energy and fresh ideas that they’ve brought.

8. Read other’s blogs

For getting new and fresh idea you must read others blog. This is really a bad habit that we don’t read others blog because we don’t have time. But we must read others blog to get new ideas and discovering new things each day. In addition you would be motivated to write something new with your own.


9. Interact with other bloggers

Interaction is mostly work to spread your voice. Try to be familiar with other blogger by using chat service or leaving comments on their blog, send email or phone conversation with local blogger. It will improve your relationship with other bloggers. I personally choose success blogger for getting suggestion how to grow my own blog rapidly. Don’t think lonely you can reach in higher.

10. Subscribe to a new Source of Information

Subscription is great way to get updated news and information about blogging. You can subscribe with Google News Alerts or Topix RSS feeds or find creative high profiles blog to follow. Remember that more new ideas and alert means you can write some fresh content.

11. Short Articles

There are many blogger give preferences on long article. But there are many ideas that can be explain within short article. Because you haven’t much to say about this. Don’t worry about this keep it short but publish regularly. In 2014 we know Google’s new search engine which will only index unique topics only. So your short articles may help to take place in higher position in SERP.

12. Complete Writing in one sitting

Sometime we write an article by 2 or more sitting but it will be wise decision to write an article within a required time. When you will write your article in one time you can emerge the idea in different paragraph. But if you take break in your writing you may miss some important idea which can improve your article. Don’t worry about your whole article your article’s some paragraph may not good but overall it will be better which is enjoy by your readers.

I’m sure those ideas will help you to make your blog better with some fresh and better ideas. Take it as a blogging guidelines for 2014 and go ahead to reach in success. I’m also interested to hear suggestions and experiences of my readers in comments below.
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