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Keyword Rich Domain

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Many blogger asked me a question that is there a domain with good names able to bring traffic and get higher rank on search engine result pages?

I have simply answered no it’s not possible to gain good rank only by Domain name. Suppose you have a good blog or website domain name but your content is poor and blog is full of spam then search engine will give you penalty instead of reward, I mean rank. So domain name doesn’t any matter even it is keyword rich.

 Microsoft Bing’s Senior Product Manager, Duane Forrester has written at the Bing Webmaster Blog on 15th January 2014 that this is only a myth that in new ranking algorithms. A keyword rich domain name won’t able to create adeep impact on ranking. In addition it won’t take your site link on higher in search engine result pages.

Duane Forrester

Bing’s Senior Product Manager, DuaneForrester said-

That maybe “10 years ago” there was some truth to that but today – that is not the case.’’

Obviously Bing search engine is far different than Google and it test some weighted factors to give higher rank to a website.

In Bing search engine domain send very less ranking signal on their overall ranking algorithm. We can say this is a good things for overall site. For example better site constantly creating unique quality content and got excellent weight for better ranking.

domain name

Duane also said about good domain with inferior content that-

“it’s better simply because those sites trying to abuse their way to the top with a keyword rich domain and irrelevant or poor content cease to rank well.”

I think good domain name owner become little upset but it doesn’t mean that having rich keywords in a domain name is bad. But the most important thing is that your site must be good and rich with quality and unique content. 

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