How Google deal with both bad advertisers and AdSense publishers

How Google deal with both bad advertisers and AdSense publishers


This is absolutely true that to get approval for Google AdSense pretty much hard but this is harder to maintain Adsense publisher account. Because Google can ban yourAdsense account anytime. There are millions of publisher account banning by Google every year.

But not only prohibiting Adsense publisher account but also forbidding bad advertisers. Basically advertiser forbidding for bad ads. Google Killed 224 Million 'Bad Ads' in 2012 and 350 million bad AdWords ads. Google actually killed those ads for preventing abuse of AdWords. Now a question may appear that what kinds are ads are bad but Google didn’t clarify about bad AdWord ads.

We can assume that bad ads violates AdWord’s terms and some Ads displaying links but diverting you on different site. This will be clearer if you have added Yahoo ads on your blog or Website. In Yahoo ads displaying URL but it doesn’t match with the destination URL.

There are another problem with forgers because of they always copyrights infringing and counterfeit goods. There are huge complain Google has got about forger advertising on AdWords. However after killing those advertiser number of complain dropped by 85% in 2012 and 78% in 2013. Google disabled over 850,000 forger advertisers in 2012, and 270,000 in 2013. So we can assume that in 2014 more advertiser will be disabled by Google but they may go for less secure advertise this year. Any kinds of counterfeit Google won’t tolerate.

However that was the scenario of Advertiser and now we will look through about publisher.
Google time to time change their AdSense terms and policy if you are not aware about latest policy kindly read it from their official website. Otherwise your account possibly will disable anytime. Google is blacklisting over 200,000 pages on publisher sites which was discussed on the Google advertising ecosystem. Last year 3 millions of AdSense application was disapproved by AdSense team. The main reason was publisher’s website quality was not good. 2 and half million publisher removed only for policy violation and another half million for copyright policies violation, like copied content from other site.

There are some bad advertiser found whose ads are totally fake. You can see the below ad that Katy Perry is a famous American recording artist got two left hand. And this ad is totally fake.

Katy perry

For aiding you I am sharing an infographic about Busting Bad advertising practices in 2013. This infographic published by Google where explain how they deal with bad advertisers and AdSense publishers.


There are another biggest reason for disabling a account which is invalid clicks. Many newbie is not clear about this for this reason they make invalid click for increasing their AdSense earning but ultimately Google disable their account.

There are zillions of AdSense publisher accounts busted only for invalid click and some Advetising firms that help to increase AdSense income of their clients by clicking on ads by them.

So we must be careful about our AdSense account and must not violate any kinds of AdSense terms. Remember that if Google disable your AdSense account then there hasn’t any hope to enable it again. 
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