Have you heard of the party game “As the Crow Flies?”

Have you heard of the party game “As the Crow Flies?”

Google search engine

Google is naming their different algorithm according to different animal. We have already heard Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird etc but all of are for introducing their algorithm. The new edition of Google animal is crows.  Don't worry this will not penalize any blog or website, rather Goggle used this name for their new search feature. This is not engage with any Google algorithm or SEO. Got a question on Google Plus official page that Have you heard of the party game “As the Crow Flies?” and simply answered not but Google has just made it.


The main feature of Crows is distance calculation, this is one of features of Google's OneBox. Google's OneBox utilize for presenting instant answers to search queries instead of presenting links. And this OneBox is now able to answer distance between two remote place.

In Google Plus site I found a statement that-
This “as the crow flies” distance is a new Google Search feature that works for far-flung locales, beyond what you can drive or walk.

However if you ask while you are driving from you won't get any answer from “as the crow flies”. You will get the distance measured from one place to another. Suppose type how far is it from honolulu to oslo then it will displau the distance from Honolulu to Oslo.

distance measure

More interestingly Google has released a app for both iOS and Android where you can use your voice for searching the specific palce. But don't worry it will work on your Desktop computer.
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Bleh Bleh says: 12/07/2016

Awesome posts as always! Post more often. :)

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Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 12/07/2016

Thanks Bleh Bleh, we should know about Google's all features to enrich our experience. :re

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