Google's Wishes to all New Year's Eve 2014!

Google's Wishes to all New Year's Eve 2014!

New Year

Google is well known brand name and number one among different search engine. It is not just popular with search engine but also it has enhance their wings all sector of online. The main benefit of Google that is absolutely free. Some senior blogger give statement that Google is only your friend and others are enemy. Anyway there are huge up and down in 2013. Google has changes their algorithm and also introduce new algorithm (e.g Hummingbird). Now creating place in Higher SERP is bit difficult. Because new search algorithm won't show you the result rather it will give you the answer. And another surprise of Google in 2013 is Page Rank update where Matt Cutts was stated clearly that it won't happen. But in 6th December we got Page Rank. Luckily BloggerSpice got PR2 for the first time.

Anyway..Google has embed New Year's Eve 2014 Logo Is Bringing In The New Year With A Disco effect which is almost similar with 2013. This year Google has just changed slightly. Instead of 3 added 4. And this animated image indicating that 4 has entered and 3 is going away.

Happy New Year 2014

This image is very charming with disco light and 2 floating speaker but unfortunately soundless. So what actually Google wants to say it's not clear to us.

Whatever New year eve always most exciting for everybody. And I hope everybody forget the sorrow of past and start working with new energy and jell.

I am also wishing all a prosperous and well new year with Google thus we can become a good Blogger and can reveal more exciting tricks. As well as BloggerSpice wishes all our readers and happy and vigorous 2014!
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