Google's search algorithm weight Mystery and Misconception

Google's search algorithm weight Mystery and Misconception

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Webmasters often confused about Google search algorithm that actually how does it work for ranking. Different webmaster will give different answer. There has a misconception that Google may different position ranked by different weighted result. But recently Google's Matt Cutts published a video where for answering a question of Jacob Worsoe from Denmark and Matt Cutts said that Google does not have any reserve web search results positions for ranking any specific algorithms. For example ranking position 1 to 3 are not reserved for fresh content, 4 to 6 are not reserved for backlinks and for 7 to 10 hash's reserved for authoritative contents or social signal.
  • Matt Cutts said in his video-
"It's the same algorithm that returns lots of different web results, you know a hundred or even a thousand and then with those we just sort them in the order of what we think the trade-off of relevancy versus reputation, so we want something is very relevant, but also as reputable we can find."
  • You can learn more from Matt Cutt's recent video that was uploaded in YouTube-

Search algorithm only work based on local listing and the news result can be visible base on different factors such as more relevancy, higher quality, better reputation and some other factors of Google Search algorithm.

In addition, we don't have to think that our content lint will get higher on SERPs if we have many backlinks and higher Page Rank. Because more relevant result will get priority on search engine result page and will be included on 1st page.


This is a really misconception of Webmasters that their content link appear in higher and lower on SERP base on rank and for this reason Google search algorithm weighted WebPages differently. However, based on Matt Cutts comments, we are now clear that same search algorithm apply for entire search result and it doesn't give any different signals in different priority.

However you have to obtain well rank on different parts to appear your blog or website link on first page of search engine. We know that content is king, so write higher quality content to make a higher position on SERP and work for good reputation, get quality backlinks. But still it is very tough for your blog because when your blog or website will get PR4 to PR6 then it is more possibility to get position on top 3 search results.
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