Google Released Publisher Plugin (beta) for WordPress

Google Released Publisher Plugin (beta) for WordPress

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Many WordPress blogger don’t know how to create a specific page for Webmaster Tools verification and edit template files to include Google AdSense code. There are some third-party AdSense plugins released previously but they are based on weight area I mean static as a result click-through rate is not higher. There are often a demand of WordPress blogger to release an official plugins from Google. And fortunately Google has released Publisher plugin to help WordPress webmasters with their two Google products at a time, those are AdSense and Webmaster Tools officially.

This plugins is designed to help newbie who can easily use webmaster tool and able to add AdSense code in their WordPress blog without any modification knowledge of CSS and HTML.

Just you have to add your AdSense publisher ID to this Google Publisher Plugin after that you have to select your ad placements area through an option. You can select appropriate area just by Simple. That’s it, don’t worry Google publisher plugin will do the rest. Currently Google has release its beta version so we hope full version will release soon.

This plug-in provide 2 service -
  • Google AdSense Support: You can earn money monetizing your website without any manual modification of any HTML code.
  • Google Webmaster Tools Support: Webmaster Tools provides detailed reports about your website visibility on Google Search engine as well as you can verify your site on Webmaster Tools with just one click.

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Though Google is leading in every sector of online so this Plugin will work like magic and obviously you would able to increase your AdSense revenue by selecting higher optimized places. Rapidly this plugin will become popular for maximizing AdSense performance and revenue.

I have told before that this plugin combination of 2 features AdSense and Webmaster tools verification. You can verify your site by go through the simple steps from setting option and your site will properly verified.

This plugin is absolutely free and you can download it from WordPress directory.For using this plugin download it first and after downloading the plugin simply upload it to your WordPress plugins directory.

The key benefit of this plugin is that this is Google official release and for any site related issue this plugin will give you notification within your WordPress dashboard. And when a webmster log in to the account then notification would be visible.

If you are planning to use this plugin you have to use the beta version now but must be aware about any updates. Whenever any update file release from Google apply it as soon as possible. Hope Google will add more feature in near future after successfully development of this plugin.
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