Google Now releasing for Desktop Computers

Google Now releasing for Desktop Computers

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Google Now is a product of Google family which is currently running a pre-release version for Desktop Computers. Initially it was created for Android and recently it has added a version for Apple and Desktop PC. This product can be use via Google Chrome. Most of chrome user recently using 33 version but Canary nightly build on Chrome 34 version has integrated Google Now which can be identify by a Flag. To enable this feature just you have to click on Flag.
Generally Google Now will work as your personal assistant by monitoring your web search and it will also give you couple of alert for weather, call a contact, book your flights, events reminder, alarm clock and traffic information. This service will give you the answer of your many questions.
Google Now is work silently but after first installation it require time to understand you. It will collect information about your movement, likings by using GPRS. And after that it will work like as your private secretary.
Thought this is running trial and still improving for Desktop computer. However there are not very noticeable critical malfunction appearing, still need to stabilize for proper utilization.
Google tries to catch users gradually by including some other exclusive feature Such as integrated direction, included crowd sourced traffic information from Waze, weather alert, stocks news, package tracking, sports results and instant updates which is completely websites based via Google chrome.

This will lead Google one step ahead in their software portfolio. Beforehand, Google has brought the most revolutionary searching system called Voice search for desktop as well as card style search results that Google builds which contain information displayed on the screen by "OK Google" voice command.

We are also aware about Google Drive which can be control from Desktop Computer.

There are more new exciting app will release soon for desktop computer later. However Google now is another best and useful product which will rock, however they didn’t formally announced about this. Hoping after releasing a stable version Google will go for official announcement.
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