Google announced about Crawl Error Reports Updates

Google announced about Crawl Error Reports Updates

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Google is improving webmaster tools user experience. They have recently announced about their new crawl error reports updates which will help webmasters to understand the error easily. Among webmasters the concept of error is it display for redirected URLs.

However they are not sure about this what exactly the reason for crawl error. Some of them think it just problem for redirect URLs or problem with the end redirect pages?

The main problem is we can see a site is redirecting from one site to another. That means if there is any problem exists then first site A  will redirect to second site B. URL A redirects to URL B, And it causes an error. The type of redirect, and type of error is unimportant here. The reason of this crawl error not very clear to all. Consequently, webmasters remain on dim with the unknown reason. But the new improvement will help to diagnose the error easily, most of the cases in terms of URL redirect error taking place on site B (second URL).

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Readers may think this is about error 404 but this is exactly not error 404 because it redirect to specific site not in any other site. Google’s John Mueller said about this error that-

"Finding 404's is normal and expected of a healthy, well-configured website."

So this type of error not harmful for websites and rank but if your site redirecting to another site then this will negatively impact on your site and on page rank. So Google’s strains having this kinds of crawl errors.

But there is a good news for attempting to updates this error by Google.  Now we don’t have to have any technical knowledge to understand it.  After updating webmasters will able to track down the crawl error as well as can find out why error is occurring and how we can fix this error with small effort.
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