Google AdWords new design save your time significantly

Google AdWords new design save your time significantly

Google updates

In 2014 Google has taken some serious job to redesign and reshape their some existing products to make those more user friendly. Google AdWords one of them most significant product that going to change with its new appearance which has just rolling out. There is another significant changes in their logo now its pretty cool.

Adwords new logo

There are massive changes brought by Google in AdWords announced by Google where it would be the next beneficiary of a new design. Google AdWordsoffering

“more screen real estate to the tools and reports you love.”

In addition Google has said about AdWords update-
“By updating AdWords to the look and feel that we use across Google, you’ll spend less time getting where you want to go in your account, and more time focusing on growing your business.”

So we can understand that Google AdWords main focus on time saving. It has brought some significant changes on its Navigation links (e.g billing, help and account settings).
Formerly after signing into AdWords account we are used to see ‘’my account’’ but now it turn into a gear icon.
AdWords key campaign information also moved above the fold in dashboard. It helps to minimize scrolling. Moreover multiple users would able to sign in which can be viewed by each other.
flow chart
According to Goolge they have added more white space with charts and tables which will make easier on the eyes because of softer color used. Now statistical data can be viewed more clearly and easily. You can create display ads very easily.
Though Google has released a video clip on YouTube. It’s better to watch it for live view.

This changes will be rolling out for the next few weeks. If you AdWords account still didn’t changed then don’t worry old appearance expire soon and new look will be visible soon. We are eager to know your opinion about this new look of Google AdWords.
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