Get your business on Google By Places Listing

Get your business on Google By Places Listing

Google Places

Business owners may aware about Google Place which is help to identify your local business address with complete, accurate, and meaningful information when a potential buyer searching for any services or products. As a result you would able divert more traffic and increase your sales, both in-store and online.

The main aim of Google Place to provide business information such as store information, Products that you sell and geographic location. And this service ideal for those who sell their product in physical retails store and on an online store (e-commerce site). This service is very excellent for growing business locally.
  • Google Places Official site Address:
But to get the proper benefit we must optimize the listing properly. Otherwise your listing won’t approve by Google and ultimately you will lose a big chunk of local potential buyer.

1. Read the Google Places Quality Guidelines

For listing Google provide quality guidelines which is very simple. Google just want to see the information provided by you is legit. Your store is exists in your provided retails store address.

For more details you can get the Google Places for business quality guidelines from the below link  
  • Google Places quality guidelines:
Newbie can easily understand the guidelines which is short and simple, so read the guideline carefully to get detail information.

The key information’s are below:
  • You must be assure that you’re authorized to achieve the Places listing
  • Your online and offline business are same with accurate information
  • You must use exact location of your business location

2. Completely fill up Your Google Places Listing form

Google place listing require to fill up online form which must be complete as much as possible. Because Google providing the leading in search engine for users so it wants most accurate and details information for searchers.

A popular Search Engine Optimization consultant Mr. Geoff Kenyon said

“Google wants to give users the best experience possible; in most circumstances the user will have a better experience if there is more information present on the Places page. This means not only filling out the required text fields but also the optional ones."

If you look through Google search about specific store location you would see details information at the top right side of search page. Suppose you are searching for Barger King UK it will display the information more accurately and in details in search engine result pages. This means a more complete listing will be more persuasive to the shopper.

So when you fill up the Google Place listing form then include your website URL, email address, telephone number, hours of operation, payment options and write your business appealingly.

3. Pick outAppropriate Business Categories

Categorizing your Business is very important. If you try to enlist your business without any category then searcher won’t find or understand what sort of business you are running. So choose appropriate business category thus potential buyer can easily find their desired business.

Google Places listings will show a business’s first three categories where a user can decide which listings is appropriate when it displays local search results. You can find additional categories when clicks a link.

Most often user become confused for choosing accurate category for their business. In this case we can take help of local search expert.

However this will be a wise decision to select more specific categories rather than general ones. Remember that your category describe well your business.

4. Write Significantand appealing Descriptions

Description should be appealing and it will drive to click searcher. Don’t think just using bunch of keywords won’t help your potential customer to click through. Remember that Google already classify your business based of geography and category for better display on search result. So keyword stuffing is meaningless. Rather you try to write a meaningful description which is persuasive and searcher can understand your business typo which will create interest to think of clickthroughs by potential customer that give solution to their problems.

Google Series

5. Comprise business logo, image or video

Rich content like business logo, image or video are the demand of new generation and without this you won’t able to attract searchers. Fortunately Google allow you to add pictures and video that will display in top right side of search engine result page. You can check all popular business site address on search result that Google is displaying a bigger space with business logo, image or video on top right side of SERP. It works amazingly for image hunger searchers. You can also divert massive visitor by adding attractive images and videos about your business or retails store.

You can also use this service wisely by including special offers, coupon codes, blog posts about your business, various social media updates from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Google+ or customer review.

6. Boost Customers Reviewby providing Shopping score Card

Customer review work like magic and it will take your business listing position bottom to higher. More customer review means better rank of search engine result page. Google place listing generally display store name, images, videos and review only. But this is the chance to take your position in higher by getting more customer review.

You can also encourage customer those who give review they will get a shopping score card and they can pick the card when customer visit store physically. This strategy will help to increase your buyers as well as help to grow your business rapidly.

7. Google Plus and Places listing Incorporation for business growth

Though Google Plus is only social media service from Google and this service encouraging business with Places listings so you should join in those listings with Google plus Business account. You will get several facility by integration with Google Plus. Those are as follows-
  • You can create posts for potential customers.
  • You can also response to buyer’s reviews
  • Also able to add a bigger store photo as cover photo of Google Plus
For getting those facility you must use same email address which is associated with your Places account.

We are eagerly want to know about your Google Places experience. Is it really working for you good or not?

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