Facebook Trending Feature with global news updates

Facebook Trending Feature with global news updates

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We are aware about Twitter that offer a trending features where you will get the most updated global news about various matters. Similarly Facebook added this feature on Facebook news stream page. This trend appear within a box at the right side of Facebook page but quite some times which is known as Facebook tending. This trending box highlight popular stories links. You can easily dive into different topic by clicking on those links.

This trending feature work based on peoples talk about interesting things around world. The main aim of this feature is to keep informed Facebook users about latest news and special trending topics. Don’t think that same link will be visible to all users. This feature is based on peoples talk so according to user interest links will appear along with overall Facebook trending.
There are some trending will appear on landing page with number of comments, shares, and likes per page. This feature is just progressing by Facebook so there is little chance to appear in your Facebook account. But in those user getting this trending they are lucky and getting the most latest news about current events and sports headlines etc.
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This concept has avail by Facebook from twitter so they will try to make some different. However Twitter is more advance about breaking news, according to their past record twitter has released some news before Google News, CNN etc.
But in this case people won’t go for news on Facebook particularly where we can see CNN, Google New using only for news purpose. But in terms of Facebook when users will use the service then may peep into the news.
This new Facebook trending topics feature is currently available in U.S., Canada, UK, India, and Australia only and hopefully it will begin their service on other countries also very soon.
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