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Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller has announced on the Google Webmaster Blog about an exciting change in search query report. Before Google give a rounded data but John Mueller said that they are no longer rounding search query data Search Queries report.

According to John Muller, “data in the search queries feature will no longer be rounded / bucketed,”

Now you can notice the change when you sign in into your Google webmaster account. In Google's webmaster blog they have shown a data comparison of last 90 days where new report is displaying data more accurately than older one. In the below images you can see the new report shows 15,026,995 impressions and the older one showed 14,000,000 impressions:

Report Before Changes Webmaster Tools

Report After Changes Webmaster Tools

This changes actually for the increasing number of smart device users. Now a webmaster can also see the mobile site statistics and analytics in Google Webmaster Tools. Google has added a new mobile filter.

Mobile filter will display reports

  • About Queries where your m. pages appeared in search results. Obviously for mobile browsers.
  • About Queries where Google applied Skip Redirect. When you click on a link from search results from the desktop URL then the user will automatically heading for the corresponding m. version of the URL.
  • To avail this service you must verify your blog ownership on both the desktop (www) and mobile (m.) sites in Webmaster Tools which will improved communication and troubleshooting information specific to each site.
Google stats

Recommendations for a separate m. site owner

  • Build or Redesign Smartphone optimized Websites or Blog.
  • You have to add a rel="alternate" tag in your desktop template. Because it will help Google-bot to pointing mobile URL as well as the location.
  • Similarly in your mobile page must add a link rel="canonical" tag for pointing desktop URL.
  • Some server automatically redirect users based on their user agent/device, so in this case use HTTP Vary: User-Agent header.
  • Verify ownership of both the desktop (www) and mobile (m.) sites in Webmaster Tools.
So from now webmaster will get more accurate information about their web stats and can easily analysis data about their traffic and blog or website.
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