Bing switching their search traffic into encrypted SSL search

Bing switching their search traffic into encrypted SSL search

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Microsoft was looking into switching their search traffic into encrypted SSL and other security and privacy solutions for future releases last November 2013. But they didn’t officially announced about that they have switched. However currently the Bing support separately SSL search Site. But this happen from last week and before encrypted search was completely optional for Bing.

Bing Begins Rollout of Secure Search, Say Goodbye to More Keyword Data. Bing now appears to be supporting secure search through the address. Previously, trying to use this address generated an error. But clicking on search results links it's not routing through a secure server because it is still a direct link.

When we make a search on Bing by HTPS URL then it remain same and secure your searches. The standard protocol on the web does not pass referrer data from HTTPS to non-HTTPS however from HTTPs to HTTPs it will easily pass. According to this rule Bing should pass query data HTTPS to HTTPS but now SSL to non-HTTPS site.

I am not sure if Bing SSL will pass query data from HTTPS to HTTPS but it definitely should not pass from Bing SSL to a non-HTTPS site. But in near future this will work on Bing.

At this time Bing is still developing their HTTPS rollout. And after successful implementation of this function they will keep the SEO/SEM community, consumer privacy and security at top level.

Some user think that after login to Bing account if we make search then our search will be more secured but in reality it is not because Bing still uses the http:// by default not any encrypted one. So there hasn’t any reference to a secure search at all.

On the other hand advertiser will affect badly because advertiser won’t’ get any keyword referral data through Bing Web master tools Where Google is providing keyword referral data through AdWords. So Bing should develop this feature like Google where many advertisers will be benefited and get the accurate keyword referral data.

We know Bing and Yahoo search engine integrated so how Yahoo search working? In November 2013 Yahoo was said that they would be encrypting their searches by Q1 of 2014. So this means with yahoo Bing will encryption. But good news is that Yahoo mail encrypted last week and there are possibility to bring change by Bing soon till then we have to wait.

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