Google's Matt Cutts warned against Widget Link Scheme

Google's Matt Cutts warned against Widget Link Scheme

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Matt cutts

The concept of link scheme is comprehensive and it can be done in many ways. In 2013 Google’s Spam sheriff Matt Cutts was given a statement about link scheme that any kinds of link in widget count as scheme which was a leading link building strategy. Even almost all blog including BloggerSpice was adopted this strategy to build link. So after Matt Cutts statement I have used Google Disavow to removing links.

However you can add link on widget but must be no-follow. Its simple just add rel=nofollow tag with link that will make your site safe. Because Google hasn’t any headache with no-follow link for penalizing.

Recently Google has specified clearly that what type of links within widget violate their webmaster guidelines. Google Said-

‘’Links embedded in widgets that are distributed across various sites’’

As well as Google explains about widget link scheme as:
‘’Keyword-rich, hidden or low-quality links embedded in widgets that are distributed across various sites...’’

To make it more clear to you I am explaining with an example. We embed link before starting or ending part of any widget special within CSS part. This code may visible within

Widget’s CSS code
Widget’s HTML Code

A link schemer will try to add link like below. But it was acceptable by Google before.

/* Widget by */
Widget’s CSS code
Widget’s HTML Code

So according to above way a widget link scheme can be make. But Google's Matt Cutts recently has added some factors on widget link scheme which is you must insert rel=nofollow tag. Some webmater believe that adding link on widget not only generate backlink but also it works like the way to traffic diverting. And it is absolutely true but we must add no-follow tag thus our site doesn’t violate Webmaster guideline.

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In addition, Matt cutts said-
"I would not rely on widgets ... as your primary source to gather links, and I would recommend putting a nofollow, especially with widgets,"

I am totally agree with Matt cutts statement that widget is not only the way to link building. There are more ways we can build link for our site. Such as, Social Media site, commenting on CommentLuv enable blog, Guest Blogging etc.
For your kinds information BloggerSpice has created most of the links from Social Media site and commenting on others blog. Anyway my humble appeal to my readers those who are already using widgets from BloggerSpice kindly make all link no-follow. 

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