Google’s Matt Cutts video about Social media Signals To Rank Pages

Google’s Matt Cutts video about Social media Signals To Rank Pages

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Many blogger believe that Facebook, Twitter and other social media network can send signal to Google Page rank. Some of think that more fan means more higher rank but this is absolutely false concept. And it doesn't help for search engine optimization.

Google's Spam sheriff Matt Cutts release a video yesterday 22nd January 2014 for answering about this matter. I got this notification through Matt Cutts twitter profile. Ryan from Michigan asked a question that-

Are Facebook and Twitter signals part of the ranking algorithm? How much do they matter? Ryan, Michigan


But Matt Cutts simply answered No. In addition he said Facebook, twitter or other social site treat generally just like other pages. And those site has not have any special value to Google.

You can watch the Matt Cutt's video for details information about Social media Signals To Rank Pages

Beside of this Google doesn't crawl or index any likes, tweets of an specific page right now. Now question may arise that why Google doesn't crawl or index? the probable reason Google’s real time search deal expiring with Twitter where Google spend on it many engineering time for works and then block it. They find it is no longer useful.

Google always wants to keep up to date their visitors. Most of the webmaster don't share their contents regularly so visitors may get out dated result through search engine as a result Google is worried about crawling individuality information.

So we should not be hurry or get busy to increase our facebook or twitter fan because those are useless. And not only Facebook or twitter connecting with other social media for better rank also ineffective. But if you think that you need to build safe quality backlink then you must take help of social media sites which will help you to get better rank. Social media site also can help to divert traffic in your website.  However for better rank a blog or website must publish unique and latest information regularly as well as quality must maintain for better search engine visibility.
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