Google has Introduced New Google AdSense Home Page

Google has Introduced New Google AdSense Home Page


Google AdSense few days back brought some changes in payment system to make it more flexible for publisher. However AdSense has brought some great changes in their interface. Now AdSense has got fresh new look.


You would noticed that earlier if we sign in to our AdSense account it takes time for slower internet connection. But after changing their interface it is now quite flexible  for users. And it focuses on key day-to-day information that helps to save time and manage your account more efficiently.

In this new homepage first of all it will display Earnings information and after that you would get the information about AdSense Score card.


Beside of this under daily performance section some important information can be avail by users. Such as Daily Page views, RPM.

earn money

Publisher also interested to know about the visitors from top countries. We know first world countries visitors help to get higher CRT.  As well as you we would get information about platforms that are using by visitors to visit your site.

Hope publishers are now get a new experience and they can use it wisely and flexibly.

However remember that you are not bound to use new interface now. After signing in AdSense account you would get a pop up window about new interface. You can give a try first. But if you don't like it then you can easily revert into older interface.
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Hemant Verma says: 12/06/2013

Thanks for sharing this information. and u know what I like it's country specific tab

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Mehroz Ali says: 4/10/2014

hi salaam sir im mehroz from pakistan.
Google has Introduced New Google AdSense Home Page but old home page display 2 options Standard delivery and secured express delivery but new home payment page display only check option. not display delivery options..? plz help

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 4/11/2014

In new interface you will find a ''Gear'' icon at the top right corner of the screen then click on it after that click on ''Payments'' and now from left side bar click on ''Payment Settings'' you will find delivery option.

But I prefer old interface. Because many options are visible at once. Thanks

Mehroz Ali says: 4/12/2014

Thanks sir
your Blogger Tutorials and Widgets much Useful for me.

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