Why Honesty required to grow Your Blog Audience

Why Honesty required to grow Your Blog Audience

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Blogging is an amazing platform to present your views, thoughts and imagination. A blogger always try to bring some new to their visitors. But unfortunately there are some dishonest blogger who exterminate their blogging career before beginning.

I agree that you can write in blog whatever you like. But unfortunately some blogger start blogging by copying others which is responsible to destroy a blog growth.

A little honesty can take your blog ground to sky and it will help you to accumulate dozens of loyal readers that help to grow your blog.

So stop following others and start writing your own idea for the world. Write less maintain quality and let visitors to grab your creativity.

1. Let the readers give you testimonial

If you can write well then you don’t have to measure by yourself because your readers will tell about you. If you just bringing pieces of work from various website and joining it then actual readers will easily understand that you don’t have any effort behind it. On the other hand, Google is ready to penalize. So try to write from your heart and best knowledge, I believe readers will love it and they will take your blog in next level. So let the readers give you testimonial.

2. Stop pretending that you’re not

If you try to pretend that you know the best at the beginning of the blog then visitors will soon leave you. This ego can destruct a human as well as blogger. I have seen most of the successful blogger with deep and rich knowledge don’t show ego to other about their success.

Trust me if your knowledge is ditty then read, read and read to enrich your knowledge. Share your thoughts with other experienced blogger that will help you to go further.

3. Get ride from trouble

If you are a clean blogger with your own genuine content then you would able to get ride from different trouble. Most of the content thief get DMCA notification after a certain time. As a result sometime their blog may penalize by permanently disabling. Beside of this Goggle Panda is also ready to slap on your face by degrading your blog rank.

4. Use of references

If you like any others piece of work then you can reproduce by taking his/her permission and use reference whenever you publish it on your own blog. It will represent your honesty among readers.

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I have personally received many email from other countries blogger who non-English speaker to get permission for reproduce my content in their own language. I am gladly grant them permission. Because it is a great opportunity to reach no-English speaker easily.

So before making any copy get the permission first from original author and republish it intact.

In conclusion, I will say about a real example. To writing this article it takes only 43 minutes for me and produced a quality content. So try with heart and soul you would be expert soon. Because I believe practice makes a man perfect. Rather this honesty is a biggest factor that required for growing your blog Audience rapidly. So be honest, work heard you would be success soon.
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