Google & Toolbar PageRank Updates Dead or Alive?

Google & Toolbar PageRank Updates Dead or Alive?

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Page Rank 2013

Google Page Rank is a prestigious thing for a site and this is most awaited matter for webmaster. As per schedule Google update Page Rank 4 times in a year but this year 4th February 2013 we have got only one update but still Google remain silent about Page Rank update. Many blogger was optimistic that Google will update their page rank in October 2013 but Google is not updating this year. Many blogger also predicted the Page Rank update and published post but all goes wrong.

There are many comments dropping about next PageRank update in Google website for the last 2 months but they did no comment.

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furqan haider says: 10/19/2013

Awsome bro

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 10/21/2013

Yeh Furqan this year no Page Rank Update ;((

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