Follow the footprint of Popular Blog to get secret tips

Follow the footprint of Popular Blog to get secret tips


A new blogger’s dream to make his/her blog successful and make it popular within shortest period of time. But there hasn't any specific guidelines that you would be successful in your blogging careers. So the wise and effective way is to follow the footprint of popular blog to get secret tips. That means if you want to go in a specific distance by your car you have to know how to drive the car. I have summarize some points which can be follow to make a blog successful.

But before that we have to know which blog is popular? Obvious a blog which has got huge readers and fans, higher traffic flow as well as subscriber. From my point of view page rank doesn't mean the popularity. There are many blog with higher page rank doesn't receive big chunk of traffic. On the other hand, lower ranked or zero page ranked blog receiving huge traffic.

1. Branding Strategy

Branding doesn't suit in product only you can brand your blog or website. If you can produce quality tutorials and higher service to solve visitor’s problems then your blog or website will be branded. Most of the popular blog provide superior quality service and solutions to readers and grab them permanently. And they have successfully created a brand image in readers mind. Strong branding means mass reputation and authority in the blogosphere.

2. User friendly Design

By quality content many blogger failed to attract readers because of poor design. If your blog design is attractive then a visitors easily stay on your site for some time and if they feel interesting then they will converted in to loyal readers. Attractive design doesn't mean lots of animation and colors rather it means professionalism. Because a reader always want to learn from expert and skilled person, not from an amateur. Popular blog’s one of the major secret is they use professional design.

3. Quality of content

If goes without say that content is king. And maintaining good quality on blog posts easily able to hold readers. No one visits any site just for browsing rather they want to learn something new from your blog. So, the quality and unique content able to create deep impact on readers mind which is the main strategy of popular blog.

4. Strong Networking

Networking means to keep good relation with other blogger. Appreciate other works. If your network is strong you would get many help from skill blogger. As well as your blog will able to accumulate good reputation over the blogging niche. So connect with other blogger, make comments, share others posts that makes your network strong.

5. Control Bounce rate

Blog bounce rate is a critical issue which you have to control by all means. But it is not appropriate for all site. Suppose your blog is relates to Games live score where many visitors visit only to know the score only. So this kinds of blog get higher bounce because visitors stay only for 5 to 10 seconds. But in case of other blog bounce rate should be control. If you see that visitors are staying in your site at least for 2 or 3 minutes then you should assume that you are producing good content which is reading by your blog visitors. Most popular blog strongly control bounce rate.


6. Smart promotion tactic

Blog promotion is very effective for all older and newer blog. You can advertise your blog for promoting but mostly we can do it through social media with free of cost. So spread your blog voice through popular social media site, blog directory, Forum answering etc.

7. Monetization strategy

Every blogger expect to earn money from their blog but if your blog is new then you shouldn't monetize early. After gaining a stable number of daily traffic then monetize your blog. Because a new blog with bulk advertisement banner visitors don’t like. Popular blog follow this strategy at their beginning of blogging career.

8. Guest posting

This is the most effective way to divert traffic from other blog. If you can produce quality guest post then there are a big chunk of traffic will divert into your blog. Many popular blog who has got higher page rank they have followed this strategy. And now converted those diverted traffic into loyal readers. But you must write higher quality content with fresh ideas.

9. Focus On Popular Blog

Focus is very important for new blogger. Because they don’t follow others what they are doing and how they are gaining traffic. You should focus on others blog more than on your blog. Follow what they are doing and what the latest blogging trend followed by popular blogger.

I hope those points will help you to follow the footprint of popular blog to get secret tips that you can apply into your blog and make it popular. From my point of view you can become a successful blog within 6 months. So follow others and become popular in your blogging niche. 
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