Effects of Google's Hummingbird Algorithm Update

Effects of Google's Hummingbird Algorithm Update

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Google’s 15th birthday disclose a surprise for millions of internet users and this is Hummingbird update. Everybody is well known about Google Panda and Penguin algorithm update but Hummingbird is absolutely brand new. There are zillions of internet marketer, blogger, SEO firm are thinking that will it be support or offended their site or business growth.The main update is

Google's birthday

Complex query

Major number of visitors are used to search with normal sentences in search engine but most of them get few relevant result with huge unimportant search result. So all visitors doesn't expect bulky irrelevant or less important search result. So Google Hummingbird algorithm now separate the relevant quality search result and place them at the top of the search engine result page (SERP). It has made complex search query easy. Google’s new update will increase user experience highly.

In past Search Engine user simply use keyword and links to search something but for the time being the search query become complex and now Google mapped the relationship so many thing before showing search result.

Google search engine gain the ability to recognize simple relationships between different varieties of stuffs and public. Google is progressively improving its Knowledge Graph to understand more and more complex concepts.

Voice based Search

There are millions of smart device user use voice search through their devices.Beside of this more mobile devices and tablets offering verbal search and people are searching more of their search engine than ever before.Google takes this issue seriously and made improve in this sector. And Search engine giant Google simplified the complex search. As a result visitors from around the world can easily search through their voice command and Google is able to detect voice easily and rightly. No matter about your accent. This is really a best achievement for Google, for this reason near future Google will dominate the search world alone.

Google's update

Should we concern about Google’s Hummingbird updates or not?

In September 2013 suddenly the massive loss of traffic from every website and blogs. No matter how much rank your site has. Everybody was worried about it and the reason was unknown. Even my site was greatly affected and received many email about this issue from others. But finally Google reveal the secret about their new algorithm changes. And due to this change 90% search traffic was affected. So there is little concern for everybody whose site has already affected.

So what actually the reason that our site has affected? Due to Hummingbird algorithm Update now Google has separated the all quality search result according to search complexity. So those who are publishing same content consequently then Google keeping the less relevant content link at the end of SERP. For this reason when a use search something then they get only most relevant and important search result which has already parted by Hummingbird.

In conclusion, everybody should re-think about their website or blog’s content. This is absolutely true for genuine content writer that they would be benefited by their activity. But I am thinking about traffic from search result. Because every blog or website receive 80% traffic from search engine so if Humming Bird algorithm affect deeply then most of the leading site will go in backward. Beside of this Google is gaining most dominating power and Bing/Yahoo nothing to do with that. As a result, Google can penalize or reward any site according to their wish which lead to unfairness. 
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Neeraj Mishra says: 10/07/2013

This update greatly affected my search traffic. My daily blog visitors decreased from 1500 to 100. Due to this update there is a huge downfall of traffic of my blog as well as other blogs around the world. Please share some working ways to get recovery from this.

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 10/07/2013

Hi Neeraj I am doing some research on it that how to recover from Hamming bird algorithm. But I think this is a good news for genuine blogger because now Page Rank is not effective for page-view or diverting traffic.

I have got some point that Google now focusing on Complex search, that usually readers make search query on search engine. That means if any visitor use synonyms of any words then Google can easily display on SERP.

And another thing is that search engine become local instead of global. Suppose you are from India and written in Google search engine that "Wheres the National museum?" then it will display the Indian National museum. In my case it will display Bangladeshi national museum. So ultimately we are loosing traffic from around the world.

There was big chunk of traffic from Greece, Nigeria, South Africa in my blog but after Hummingbird update traffic from those country has dropped.

So I think we need deep research on it to find a way to get ride from this update.

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