Share your Blog posts to Google+ Automatically

Share your Blog posts to Google+ Automatically

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Google Plus

Google plus is rapid growing social networking service. Every blogger is very busy for creating post on their blog. But if you just create new post then your work has not done. Because for spreading your content you have to share the article among the various social networking site. It plays a vital rule to divert traffic and grow your blog rapidly.

However most of blogger has not enough time to share their post in various social networking service. Because you will get dozens of popular social sharing site all over the net. For this reason we have got some site that help to share blog post automatically in various social sharing site, such as in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Delicious and many more but still we didn't find for Pinterest.

Nevertheless officially you can share your post automatically in Twitter, Myspace (Feed links) and RSS feed. But Google has introduce now automatically post sharing service in Google Plus. Now you can share your post automatically without any extra effort.

This improvement is really appreciate able for Google Plus user. Now they can easily share their post by simply change the setting from Blogger Dashboard.

Auto Post sharing

Automatic Post sharing to Google+ will be enabled by default on all public blogs which has already linked to Google+ pages or profiles. After publishing a blog post, a snippet of the post will automatically be appeared with a popup window and it will be shared publicly on your Google+ page or profile.
So to activate this option please follow the below simple steps-

Step 1 Go to blogger Dashboard and click on -> Google Plus ->

Step 2 Now click on Check Box to activate Automatically Share After posting

Note: To disable this setting, go to the Google+ tab on your blog and uncheck the Automatically share after posting box.

Step 3
 You can Also  Check Box to activate Prompt to Share after posting if you don't like post 

automatically. (Optional)

Prompt to Share after posting This option may useful for those who has some problem in blogger templates. You would see some Google Plus profile is not able to detect actual image and post title automatically. So in that case your should use Prompt to Share after posting thus you can fix the image problem.

Automatically post sharing is really a big improvement by Google Plus. And Now blogger can save their time for sharing their content in social networking sites. If you have any query then feel free to leave a comment below. 

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Anonymous 9/22/2013

so we do not need to manually share it?



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