Role of SEO in Increasing the Website Potential

Role of SEO in Increasing the Website Potential

SEO for Website

Are you wondering why your well-designed website is not showing up among the top results in the Google searches while other sites that are far inferior to yours are getting better rankings? You may be lacking a good SEO strategy. Search Engine Optimization plays a major role in bringing more number of visitors to your website. Out of which some become potential customers.  Here’s why you need different SEO tools and techniques to run a successful online business.

Improving brand credibility

People believe that brands showing up at the top of Google search results are the best ones. No matter how good your products are, to make your business more credible it is necessary for your website to have a good Page Rank.


SEO advertises your business  more efficiently  than  conventional online advertising strategies like affiliate marketing (in fact, SEO  is now considered as an advertising method). The top result in Google search is more likely to get 60% more visitors than the other search results.

Finding your audience

Use SEO tools like Google Webmaster, to help you figure out which part of your website is drawing more attention. This will help you optimize your webpage according to the needs of your your target audience.
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Even if your website is exactly what your customer needs, the chances of it having a high page rank in the first few weeks of its launch, are unlikely. You could SEO techniques like inserting popularly searched keywords in your websites content to make it more search engine friendly. For example, if you are having a travel guide site like UKBA, you will have to optimize your website with all the keywords associated with it. These keywords can also be used in image tags and page titles for better

Link building benefits

Link building is one of the most prominent SEO techniques. Search engines rate your website based on the number of backlinks from reputed sites on the internet that point to it. Also, exchanging links with your counterpart websites  will  help you in maintaining healthy relations with

Social Media

Apart from good search engine rankings, another way of improving your brand value is increasing your site’s popularity among several online social networks. This not only helps you in gaining new business opportunities, but also helps you stay in touch with your existing customers.


SEO tools let you know why your competitors are doing better than you. You can  work your way around effective  strategies by analyzing  your competitors websites and implementing new

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Anonymous 9/04/2013

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Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 9/05/2013

Hi Tareen...

Try to add something with Blogger....

Such as---- Blogger+mash, Blogger+CSS, Blogger+live...

those are have to search through domain name searching website that the name is available or not. If you add Blogger then it has some extra value. If you like a name but not available then add some words before or after--

Such as---- My+Blogger+mash, My+Blogger+CSS, My+Blogger+live...

Such as---- More+Blogger+mash, More+Blogger+CSS, More+Blogger+live...

change the word which can be easily memorize or van remember the visitors.

If you don't find blogger then instead of this write there blog

Hope you would able to find your desired blog name.

Anonymous 9/05/2013

Thnsk Fazle Bahi It Really Help Me

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 9/08/2013

I have written an article about Domain name selection technique.. Please visit the below link-

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