Guidelines for selecting attractive Domain Name

Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name

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Domain is name where we use in case of blog or website. Many Blogger users, after setting up their blog, do not like that the word “BlogSpot” is in their blog address (such as or Instead, they want it to read or .net etc. Those are called suffix.
A domain suffix refers to the last section of your domain name. In The Blogger Spice example, the “.com” domain suffix was desired and is the most commonly used and it gives a more influential impression than less widely used domain suffixes. The “.net” domain suffix is likely second in popularity and derived from “Internet.” The “.org,” “.gov,” and “.edu” suffixes are also popular domains, where “.org” is commonly used for non-profit organizations; “.gov” for government offices; and “.edu” for educational facilities, universities, or programs. There are also other suffixes - .AERO, .ASIA, .COOP, .EU, .TRAVEL, .PRO, .MOB , .TV, .CAT, .TRAVEL, .JOBS, .PRO, .TEL and more recently .XXX etc.

Domain name is very important factor to make a blog or website popular. Because people know a blog by the domain name. So if you can choose attractive domain name then your blog will be well-known soon. As well as your blog visitors can remember the name.

You would see there are millions of blog over the net but visitors are unable to remember blog name. This is happen when your blog name is not easy to remember, or not similar to your niche or used unfamiliar words in blog name. So before selecting a blog name you have to consider those things. So we can summarize the domain name selection tips-

  • 1.Domain name should be short
  • 2.Use familiar words in Domain name
  • 3.Select domain name according to your niche
  • 4.Choose domain name which is easy to memorize
  • 5.Domain name should easy to pronounce
  • 6.Domain name should easy to spell
  • 7.Not too similar to competing domain names
  • 8.Not a violation of someone else’s trademark

1. Domain name should be short

Why we should select short domain name? The positive site of short name easily can make good impression on visitors mind. Because there are many blog over the net but readers only want to remember short name. However using long domain name this is hard to remember for visitors and they may forget your domain name if they don’t bookmark your site.

2. Use familiar words in Domain name

This is very important to select familiar word in domain name. Some people use unfamiliar word in domain which is not pronounce by visitors as a result you will get very few returning visitors. In case of familiar words you can use long domain name. Because you are using familiar word so, visitors can easily remember.

3. Select domain name according to your niche

I have got some domain that is not related to niche. I can give you an example about my co-author blog name. where in the first impression a readers or visitors may think this is a software related site. But he is providing tips tech and blog related which is not related to his niche. So if your blog is tech related then choose tech basis name and if blog related then select blog base name.

4. Choose domain name which is easy to memorize

We should select domain name which is easily memorable. If you select a blog name which can’t be memorize by your visitors then you may lose a big chunk of visitors, even your blog containing good content.  Because first time visitors may unable to remember your blog name.

5. Domain name should easy to pronounce

In case of selecting a domain name you must conscious about pronounce. Some blogger select domain name by their local language which is not easy to understand by foreign people and they can't pronounce the name. So you should not select this kinds of domain name which can't be pronounceable by others.

6. Domain name should easy to spell

Spelling is another biggest factor for choosing right domain name. Suppose my domain name then nobody can remember the spelling even I have used blog. So keep this in your mind that should be easy to spell.

7. Not too similar to competing domain names

Some blogger register similar blog name because they found the blog is popular. But ultimately they will lose the visitors. Suppose I am giving you similar blog name..

Though spelling is different but pronunciation is similar. In this case visitors become confuse, as a result they visit other blog rather desire one.

8. Not a violation of someone else’s trademark

Trademark is very sensitive factor in case of domain selection. If your domain is similar to some others domain then your domain may block. So don't violate someone's copyright. Generally people violate this kind of name by adding an extra character within existing one. Such as-

Original domain name -
Violating domain name -

But this is happen in case of national or international biggest domain site.

Guidelines for selecting domain name

There is different way you can select your desire domain name which can solve your problem easily. But first of all you have to go through domain name provider site where you can purchase domain for checking which domain name is available. Because your desired domain name may not available over the net or already purchased by others.

I am giving you few tips that how you can select perfect domain name even it has already sold. Suppose you want to start a blog about blog related then—

Blogger + Familiar word
Familiar word + Blog
Familiar word + Tech

  • Example:

If your desired name has already booked then add an extra word at the beginning or end of your domain name.

Word + Blogger + Familiar word
Familiar word + Blog + Word
Familiar word + Tech + Word

  • Example:

You can also buy a domain similar to a popular domain name but in different tags. Suppose www.Domain here .com has booked so keep the same name and go for-


Beside of this you can obtain a popular domain by adding a national suffix. For example in case of Bangladesh our national suffix is .bd so If I want to buy a domain with national suffix then my domain name will be where .bd indicate that this is a Bangladeshi domain. Same as Pakistani domain suffix .pk, Indian domain suffix .in etc.

Beside of this you can obtain the same blog name by adding ( - ) between blog name. There is a most famous blog which has already copied a webmaster by

So I hope you would now able to choose your desire domain name. And remember that the minimum 4 characters you can use in domain name. So if you find some unique domain name then try to select short name which is easily reminisce. But from my point of view choosing unique domain name is better than copying others domain name. Because if your domain become popular then nobody can say that you have copied from someone. And original domain name get always priority over copied domain name. If you have any suggestion then you can share with us. 
Mc Dewey says: 9/09/2013

thanks for this rabbi... i am doing a research for domain that i will use...
and if you have suggestion of cheap but reliable domain provider..can you give me a message...
thanks and goodluck for our blogging... :)

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 9/09/2013

Hi Dewey you can buy domain from GoDaddy or Ask For a has given with site logo in my blog credit section. click on it and buy domain from anyone. Because those are most reliable. If you buy domain from GoDaddy then you don't have to setup custom domain manually.

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