Google Keyword Planner tool for Right Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner tool for Right Keyword Research

Google keyword

Keyword research often ignore by newbie which can help to pull your blog ground to higher. If you want to enrich your blog by following proper SEO then you must do keyword research to find the golden key for your blog.

If you are a blogger then you must use keyword on post title, content or search description as well as on permalink.

There is a wrong practice of keywords by blogger. Most of the blogger use keyword by predicting and they don’t do any research on it. Even they don’t know which keyword is working best for their blog. Keywords is not a generic think that blogger will be success by using same key in different blog. It varies blog to blog, content to content. So you must do research which keyword work best for your blog.

For finding Golden keyword you have to consider many factors such as local and county base searches, Keywords competition level, Page Authority, etc. For newbie it is often difficult to do the job. But you must follow some guidelines to find out golden keywords which work best for your blog.

Guidelines for choosing keywords for your Blog

  • Choose Keyword which is highly targeted.
  • Select low and medium competition keyword.
  • Use relevant keyword which is match with your niche.
  • Don’t use complex keyword which is not using by visitors.
There are many Keywords searching tools available over the net. There was only one most popular free keyword research tool was available Google AdWord but recently Google has changed it to Google keyword Planner. As a Google Blogger we should take advantage of new Google Keyword planner tool. Which is absolutely free just like Google AdWord and right now this tool is most reliable keyword research tool over the net.

What is Google Keyword Planner?

On 27th August, 2013, Google has introduce brand new tool Google Keyword Planner tool, which is similar to Google AdWord but more improved version. Google Keyword Planner tool will provide you more significant, handy and deep insights about the keyword based on search query. You will get more features and options in Google Keyword Planner tool.

This Planner tool mainly help to increase your CPC (Cost Per Click) rates. Because after keyword research it will display higher CPC rate on specific keywords and by using those keyword you can increase your CPC income from the Ads.

How to use Keyword Planner?

Google Keyword Planner tool is easy to use if you have already used Google AdWord. But for the newbie I am explaining that how to use this tool most getting most outcomes from it. If you have already activate your Google AdWord account then you can use same account for Google Keyword Planner tool.

Step 2 Log in to your Google AdWord account ->Tools and Analysis->Keywords Planner

keyword planner

Step 3 Select any one option  

keyword planner features

  • Search for Keyword and ad group ideas (This option is for searching a desired keyword)
  • Enter or Upload keywords to see how they perform (Performance check for used keyword)
average CPC
  • Multiple keyword lists (For searching related keywords) 
keyword tools

  • Under Search keyword and ad group ideas you have to fill up several information

Google Adword

Step 4 Select your Product or service. Here you can write your keyword

Step 5  Write your blog or website address.

Step 6 Select relevant category. It may not match exactly with your niche. So choose relative one.

Step 7 Under target line select country, language, Search Engine and Negative keywords also.

Step 8 Finally hit the Get ideas button.

  • Now it will display the result Ad group ideas and Keyword ideas will display monthly search, competition and average CPC on specific keyword.

ad group idea
Ad group ideas

keyword idea
Keyword ideas

Beside of Google Keyword Planner there are different premium keyword research tools available that you can use like Moz, Keyword Spy, Raven Tools, and Wordtracker But my recommendation is Google Keyword planner tool because it is free and most reliable over the net.

Hopefully, these tips will help you pick the best keywords for your blog. As well as it will help to increase your CPC income.

Stay tuned for more exciting blog related posts that may help to grow your blog steadily.
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