7 Shocking Stats & Trends about the Internet – Infographic

7 Shocking Stats & Trends about the Internet – Infographic

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Most of us are curious to know on where the Internet is heading. Some internet statistics and trends nowadays shock us because they take us to a world where we never imagined to be in 3 years ago. You should check out this Infographic where few of the trends you might already be aware of and most stats may still be news to you.

First jaw dropping fact from this Infographic is that China has twice the amount of internet users than the US. Another is that alibaba.com which is also a Chinese site have more sales than amazon and ebay combined. What’s also more surprising is that even though Facebook is banned in China, it still has 1.11 users which is equivalent to 46% of all people in the world on the internet.

Infographic at www.bloggerspice.com

These facts may be astonishing to us but these are some things a start up business owner should look after. The internet business industry is very challenging to pursue especially for those who are just starting. The internet world is growing over the years and we should expect even crazier things to happen. With the help of this Infographic from Staff.com, business owners will be able to analyze the major trends that might affect their business in the near future. They’ll be able to come up with strategies for their business which will be an advantage for those who will adopt those techniques ahead of time. And hopefully they wouldn't just be able to follow the trend but they’ll also be on top it.

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