Renovate visitors into readers and readers into loyal Readers

How to convert visitors into readers and readers into loyal Readers

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The main motive of blogger is to gather readers of their blog. But not all visitors feel interesting in all blog. Among millions of blog why visitors will visit and read your blog? This is a matter of think. Suppose you get huge page view per day but your blog bounce rate is higher then it won’t be fruitful because this means you are getting many visitors but nobody is reading your blog content. If this is happing in case of your blog then you have lot of work to do. Beside of this if your main motive is earn money through blog then you won’t able to earn expected amount of money. Because due to higher bounce rate your blog visitors are not staying for longer time and not interested to see the ads or click on it. As a result your potential revenue will lower than your expectations. So we must try to convert visitors into readers and ultimately readers should be converted into loyal readers.

This step is a long-term methodology. You cannot expect a visitor to become loyal reader of your blog within a short period of time. You need to build trust and improve relationship with your readers.

By this article you would learn How to convert or renovate visitors into readers and readers into loyal readers?

1. Publishing great content frequently

This is well-known to everybody that content is the king. So delivering great content you can build a positive impression of visitors to read your blog and by frequent publishing quality content you would able to create returning visitors. Remember that more returning visitors means more loyal readers.

2. By Providing free widget and template

If you are a widget maker or template designer then your blog visitors always expect free unique widgets and templates from you. If you can create some charming unique widgets and templates regularly then you would able to divert traffic into your blog and ultimately they would be your blog loyal readers.

3. Response to your readers regularly

Whenever a readers feel difficulty about your article of tutorial then response them as soon as possible for clarification. Many blog has died only for delayed response and rude attitude towards readers. Even some successful blogger fall higher to ground only for unresponsiveness. So this is very important aspect to build relationship with readers to convert then as loyal.

4. Make quick Reply of email and comments

If your blog interested to visitors then they will read your blog regularly. Automatically you would receive email and comments from your visitors. You must reply them quickly. Because late modification of comment and email reply you will lose visitors. And they will divert to active blogger’s blog. .

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5. Cope with reader’s request for building trust

Often I get request from my readers about publishing tutorial about specific widget. This seems to me great that readers are believing me or a strong positive impression has created on their mind about me. So I always try with my best to create widget according to their request. But when I get mass request then I simply reply them about the current status of my work load. It will build trust among blogger and readers.

6. Personal Consultancy and guideline

This is one of major and vital rules for converting your blog readers into loyal readers. If your riders seek consultancy or guideline about their blog then you should properly instruct them by analyzing their blog. I often do this kinds of job when any of my visitor seek help from me. This will not only help you to create loyal readers but also you social subscriber will increase rapidly.

To convert your visitors into readers initially you have to follow first 4 instructions regularly. After then by applying last 2 instruction you would able to form loyal community. Because a group of loyal readers able to make a loyal community for your blog that leads to success in your blogging career. Beside of this an eye-catching design can plays an important rule to hold visitors into longer time in blog and ultimately if they are from right niche they would become returning visitors. 
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