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It is necessary to invest your most valuable time to grow your blog rapidly. For new blog it is necessary to work 5 - 6 hours daily to grow your blog rapidly. Many newbie do hard work to establish a blog and make it popular by adopting all kinds of strategy. Among those strategy commenting on others blog work best. This is also work in case of my blog and I am sure those who already got success they won’t deny about the benefits of commenting on others blog. You may think how your own blog will grow by commenting on other blog? But it is obviously true that comments on other blog has great impact to grow your own blog.

So I would explain how comments help to grow your own blog rapidly.

Introducing your blog to others

I often suggest newbie to comment on others blog to introduce your own blog. Because when you would comment on others blog by using your Google plus id, Blog URL or using OpenIDthen other visitors and webmaster of the particular blog see your blog name. This is a great way to introduce your blog to others by commenting.

Get more Comments in your own blog

If your comment seems to interesting then visitors may feel interest to visit your blog from others blog where you have made comments. And finally they would make comment in your own blog. It is also work best for old blog also. Even in case of my blog I follow this technique. Those who make logical and relevant comment I do comment on their blog also. This technique helps to get more comment from others.

Building Backlinks

Some blogger may think how we can make backlinks by commenting on others blog? Earlier there is a tendency that by commenting on others blog and leaving own blog link at the end of comment we can build backlinks. But Google has changed this rules. Now if you leave your blog address on comment body then Google Penguin treat it like spam and it would penalize in their next updates.

So you have to find different techniques to build backlinks. Apparently CommentLuv enable blog help us to gain Do-follow backlinks by commenting on respective blog. Apart from this you can still make backlinks if you can use URL in blog default comment box or by using OpenID. But for do-follow backlink you should emphasize on Commentluv or keywordLuv enable blog for commenting. It helps to grow get backlinks that leads to higher page rank.

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Divert Traffic from others blog

Commenting on others blog able to divert traffic. When you leave your blog address on other blog then visitors of that blog may feel interest on you by reading your interesting comment and finally they will divert into your blog by from others blog comment section. This is a proven way to increase traffic in your blog. Many popular blog and SEO company hire professional commentator to make comment on others blog for diverting and promoting their own blog.

Earning Money by commenting

Previously I have said many SEO based company hire professional commentator to make comment on others blog for distract traffic and sponsoring their own blog. So if you are a good commentator and made huge comment on others blog then you may be hired by others to make comments in exchange of incentives. Ultimately you will earn money by commenting on others blog. You would find this kinds of job in different freelance sites.

In Conclusion

It is often seen that you are making comments on different blog regularly but in exchange you are not benefited, this can be happen due to irrelevant, illogical and monotonous comment on others blog. Suppose in my blog I often get comment on some of my SEO related article that the commentator has written-

‘’Thanks for great widget’’

But this article is about SEO. So it can be easily understand that commentator trying to obtain only backlink or making spam. I delete this kinds of comment right away.  Beside of this I often get comment that has written only their blog address such-

‘’Thanks, visit‘’

I don’t publish this kinds of comment. So you should make informative, logical and relevant comment to get approval from authors. Take at least 5 minutes to make a good comment to get approval on others blog. I hope now everything is clear that how you can be benefited by commenting on others blog and now it is clear to you to grow your own blog rapidly by commenting on others blog. 
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