Safety and Security of WordPress Blog

Safety and Security of WordPress Blog

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WordPress is one of the most used and popular content management system (CMS) and most of the websites these days are working on this CMS. As the popularity and usage of WordPress is growing, so is the safety and security concerns that it comes associated with. This is such a serious concern for new website makers who use WordPress because of the fact that it is very vulnerable to security breaches and attacks. There are about 505 different types of vulnerabilities which WordPress is prone to.


To ensure the security and safety of WordPress, the website owners and the developers are majorly held responsible. Some ways to keep WordPress website safe include keeping a backup of the data, not displaying the version of the WordPress on blog, reporting bugs to WordPress security and not installing any kind of free themes etc. Some easy targets of WordPress attackers are themes, weak passwords, plugins and hosting. Some ways to know that your site is hacked are to download the entire site and run a search on all files from the PC, looking for weird admin level users, to ensure that there are no weird banner ads and checking out what kind of searches are attracting people to your site.

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Rizwan Saharan says: 7/05/2013

Nice Sharing bro thanks for this informative post keep it up
Best of luck with latest updates

Zeeshan Ahmed says: 7/06/2013

Superb! you share very informative post bro... WordPress is secure from hacking and other cracking tools... Keep it up

Zeeshan Ahmed

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 7/06/2013

thanks bro I am trying to include some exclusive Infographic Sophia has already submitted 2 super Infographic for wordpress. I specially thanks to her for submitting those Infographic as Guest Post.

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