7 Passive Ways to Make Money with Pinterest [Affiliate Links]

Passive Ways to Make Money with Pinterest. now bloggers can enjoy the privilege of using Pinterest to make money passive way! Why would I make Pinterest Affiliate Posts? Most of the bloggers love affiliate marketing because it’s quite a passive way of making money.

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Pinterest is new to social media platform but made their space into millions of social users mind. It is not so easy to make money through social media, though Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn already making millions of money every year. But a social site can make money when they become success and it is also depends of number of subscriber. 

I have found Pinterest that has few method of making money but all of the passive ways. So I am going to explain how you can make money through Pinterest.

1. Make money by sending traffic into your Blog

You can make money by sending traffic from Pinterest into your blog but this is very passive way. Because more traffic means more chances to generate revenue. On the other hand if you have an online business or e-store then you can divert traffic from Pinterest and convert it into your potential customer. So there is a great impact to make money through pinterest. 

2. Attract the right niche using keywords

Keywords plays a vital role to attract right people. If you use some specific keywords according to your online business then you would able to get specific interested people, as a result there is a good opportunity to convert all the visitors into your customer. You can add keywords into your Pin board and explain details in your Pinterest profile. Through this strategy visitors will able to know about your product and may feel interest to buy it. Simply we can say it works like an online promotional campaign. The most popular niche in Pinterest are as follows: 
  • Kids and mother goods. 
  • DIY + Crafts Blogs
  • Food and Cooking
  • Fashion and Style.
  • All about Blogging.

3. Connect your Pinterest image URL to your website

Pinterest is totally image based social platform so the easiest way to attract customer to add attractive images. So if you can add eye-catching images and also can link those images to your website then visitors will easily surf your site and may become potential buyer. But it is a big question that why pinterest? Suppose your e-store site is quite new and hasn't any good rank all over the web then you can take help of Pinterest because after adding links and images millions of current user will see and they will pin or repin your product images so it will spread rapidly among them. But with your new site or blog it is not possible to get many visitors within shortest period of time. 

Passive Ways to Make Money with Pinterest

4. Use Pinterest for Higher SERPs 

Google search engine now giving emphasize on links from different popular Social media. You would see when you write your blog name on Google Search engine then it will display your site link as well as your site’s shared link from various social media site. So if you use Pinterest then it will stand on higher position on SERPs that leads to higher click or hit on your product or content link. That means more traffic and the outcome will be more income. 

5. Add the Pin it button into your website

To make higher involvement with Pinterest site you can add Pin it button into your blog or website so your current visitors can pin your product or content as well as it will increase the chances to repin. You would not only able to share your product through Pinterest but also you can pin your blog images. So it will increase the chances of conversion rate. 

6. Add your domain name to your Product pictures

If you just add your product and image into pinterest then you would get many visitors but not everybody able to remember your blog or website name. So add your domain name at the bottom or side of image that is good to remember for visitors. Even if your visitors just save the image then easy can visit your site by taking your website address from your image. 

7. How to Make Money with Pinterest Affiliate Links

Another popular way to make money with pinterest Affiliate links. You will get flood of traffic from Pinterest, so why don’t you try to promote your affiliate marketing there. Affiliate marketer’s first choice is Pinterest, because it is quite a passive way of making money. Just you need to leave your affiliate links in pinterest post and visitors will use your link to buy product online, in return you will receive commissions from Affiliate networks. The most popular affiliate network for Pinterest are as follows 

The above all process is not active way to generate income but passively you would able to make money. But one things you won’t able to deny that Pinterest will help your business to spread rapidly. If you add your business or brand logo into pinterest site it will obviously increase your business brand images rapidly. And more promotion means more traffic that lead to you more customer which can generate more income.
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