How to use Google AdSense for Video through YouTube Partner Program

How to use Google AdSense for Video through YouTube Partner Program

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YouTube is the leading video upload and sharing site where billions of user currently exists. You will get millions of video on YouTube and uploading daily many popular videos on this channel. In a word we can say this is the king of video sharing. Many people don’t know that YouTube is a part of Google. So those who have Gmail account they can easily connect with YouTube without any newly registration.

If you are a blogger and already produced and upload many video tutorials to YouTube for sharing then you would be able to make money easily. Generally most of the blogger use Google AdSense into their blog but this many blogger doesn’t know that they can use their AdSense ads into their YouTube videos. Because in your AdSense account you would find an option that ‘’AdSense for Video’’ and it will help you to integrate your AdSense with your YouTube channel. So I will explain how to make money through YouTube by the help of Google AdSense.

Signing Up For YouTube

YouTube is free for everybody they can watch video but if you want to make money then you have to create your own YouTube channel for upload the videos. If you are a Google blog user then you can easily sign in through your Gmail account otherwise you have to fill up the form.

Upload videos & Increase subscribers

In the 2nd steps you have to upload the videos. Suppose, as a blogger you want to share your video tutorials into your blog post then just make the video tutorial and upload it finally share the video through your blog content. This will help to watch your videos by your existing visitors so if you get more views then your revenue would increase.

Beside of this try to get subscriber for your video channel. You can appeal to your existing subscriber from different social network site.

Upload Frequency

If you upload video more frequently then your visitors would love to watch and their engagement with your video channel will increase. So try to make frequent video upload and share the video in your blog post as well as you can share the videos on Facebook, Twitter and various social media site to get more views. You can increase the views by commenting on others YouTube channel. Remember that more view means more income.

Don’t Upload or Share copyrighted videos

This is always a biggest mistake that some people upload copyrighted video to make more money but this is totally against YouTube and AdSense terms and policy. That may lead to disable your YouTube channel. So be careful about it.

How to activate Google AdSense for Video

If you are Google AdSense user then it is very easy for you to setup. But if you don’t have AdSense account then then first you have to get approval from AdSense then you can apply for your Video channel. Just follow the below steps to apply for ‘’AdSense for Video’’-

Step 1 Sign In to your AdSense account

Step 2 Click on My Ads-> Other Products

Step 3 Now Click on  Apply for AdSense for Video

AdSense For Video

Step 4 Finally Fill up the form and submit for approval


How To Join with YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program helps to build fan bases and you can also earn more money by sharing videos. As a YouTube Partner, you will join a global community that includes musicians, filmmakers, comedians, athletes, and more.

earn through video

If you already have a Google Ad-sense account then it would take minimum 1 day to setup and get approval for YouTube partnership. But before applying you should know the terms and conditions of YouTube partnership otherwise your account may ban by YouTube.

Terms and Conditions of YouTube partnership

  • You can’t use ban AdSense account for YouTube
  • Your uploaded video should be created by you.
  • You upload original, quality content that is advertiser-friendly.
  • Your videos should comply with YouTube's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
  • You videos shouldn't violate others copyright.
  • The program must have been launched in your country, if it hasn't then you may have to apply with a separate application form.

Signing Up with YouTube Partner

Step 1 Go to

Step 2 Click on Get Started and fill up the registration Form

Step 3 Finally hit the submit Button

Note: If your Country is not supported then a warning message will appear

Video Monetization Criteria

you may not be able to monetize videos which use any of the following without the explicit permission of the person who created or produced all material:

  • Music (including cover songs, lyrics, and background music)
  • Graphics and pictures (including photographs and artwork)
  • Movie or TV visuals
  • Video game or software visuals. Click here for details.
  • Live performances (including concerts, sporting events, and shows)

When you go for watch videos sometime you would see ads for 10 to 15 seconds and this ads will show after setting up AdSense for video. If you want to higher income then you have to select right video sharing. If you make it personal channel then you would get very few viewers to view and your revenue would be zero.

So as a blogger try to upload the videos for critical tutorials. Always try to pick hot topics for making video. Currently more than millions of partners are exists across 30 countries around the world. And they are making money successfully. So if you can adopt the techniques then you will also able to make money. 

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