How Blogger can Increase their Google Plus Followers

How Blogger can Increase their Google Plus Followers


Though Google Plus introduce lately but it has now strong trend and position among various social media site. Everybody knows that Facebook and twitter is in leading position but Google is growing rapidly. Within short period of time currently over 100 million user registered with Google Plus. As this is a strong application of Google so the future of Google Plus is very bright. Near future it can become strongest competitor of all leading social media site. So if you are emphasizing to increase your Facebook fan then you must also concentrate Google Plus because it has a good value to Google if you are a BlogSpot user then it will influence your page rank also. Among many factors of page rank social media connection is one of the important part to get higher page rank.

Many blogger have same thought that I want to Increase my Google Plus Followers..

So I am sharing with you the right track to boost your Google Plus Followers rapidly.

1. Use Google Plus Circle to find new people

Basic tips to increase Google Plus followers you have to go in Google Plus Circle tab which you will get easily after signing in on your Google Plus account. So Go to Circle tab and click on Find People button then it will display unlimited list of Google Plus existing users. You can follow them and have them into your circle.

Google Plus

2. Follow back to your current follower

Follow back is most vital way to increase Google Plus follower. It works for me to increase my Google Plus follower. Whenever a user follow you then follow back instantly it just like twitter. Follow others then other will follow you.

3. Invite your blog visitors to follow

It’s easy to invite your blog visitors to follow you in your Google Plus circle. Simply you can request them to connect into your circle. Another positive site is that you can easily identify your loyal visitors.

4. Stick Google plus badge and widget into your blog.
Google Plus gadget is work best to increase follower. Simply you can add Google Plus badge or follower widget from blogger widget options. Recently Google has improved this widget you just need to one click to add this widget into your blog. Beside of this there are many custom Google Plus widget you can add. I have designed an animated Google Plus follower you can add it into your blog.

5. Share your blog content

Sharing your blog link regularly which can increase your Google Plus follower if your visitors find the content or link interesting and useful.

6. Comment on others Google Plus profile

By commenting on others Google Plus profile you can increase your follower. Because when you make comment on others profile then they will get an email notification as a result other user will feel interest to comment on your profile as well as follow you on Google Plus.So ultimately it will increase Google Plus follower.

7. Use Email Alert

When you share something on Google Plus then you would see an option that "also send email" just clicking on this check box you can send an email alert to all of your current followers. But the problem is if you have already huge follower then you can’t send email alert too many people at a time. So this work best when you have few Google Plus follower.

8. Buy Google Plus follower

You can increase Google Plus follower by buying from various site just like Facebook fan. But I won't recommend it. Because most of the cases it provide fraud and inactive user.  

These are the tips to increase your Google Plus follower. This is not so hard like Facebook to get likes so start today and increase your Google Plus follower rapidly. If you follow me then I must follow you back. 

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