Wonderful Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate within Short Time

Wonderful Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate within Short Time

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Every day some new readers come to the site, some are available through search engines and some are available through backlinks or referrals. However some or most of the readers get away from your site as they land on it. They leave your site by only shutting it down or by Clicking the back key.

What are the Reasons of it?

  • The written content is not related to the search phrase that delivered them to your site.
  • The details given on the site is not that helpful.
  • The site is not attractive enough to pick up the interest of the visitor.
  • The load time of the site is quite slower.

Just one can monitor the blog’s bounce rate by signing up for Google Analytics. They will give you the tracking code which you need to include to all the site pages. This will give you all the tracking information in your analytics profile dashboard.

The solution used for calculating Bounce Rate is
Bounce Rate = Total single page view visits / Complete amount of visits.

So, what do you do to minimize the bounce rate? i.e. the amount of persons leaving the site. Try out some tips and tricks to create your site more useful and helpful to the visitors. Develop the blog excellent to encourage people to devote time on your site. Every and each single visitor is important and useful for your site and for your blogging company. Described down below are couple of tips, which might be helpful to create your site successful and useful for your visitors.

1. Create Your Site User Friendly

In order to decrease Bounce rate of your site, the 1st factor you need to make your site user friendly. A well user friendly site receives more visitors focus and they want to devote much more time over there. Make navigation system of your site very simple. This will build it much easier for your site visitors to get simply, what they are looking for.

2. Write Very simple Articles

If you want your site visitors to review your site post and spent time on it, you need to publish your site article simple and use very clear headings for them. Consider to write in easy English, Deliver details in easiest way, use related images in your post.

3. Interlink Your Blog Post

Interlinking of your blog post is most effective way to decrease bounce rate of your site. It will not only reduce your blog bounce rate but also can help your site SEO by moving link juice and anchor text advantages. It helps your blog visitors to go through another article on your site. They like to press inside links on blog post to read several other relevant contents of your site. It is good to interlinking your blog post, but do not put too lots of links for the benefit of interlinking.

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4. Use Related Categories For Blog Post

It is excellent concept to stop your site visitors for some extra time on your site. It simply provides your visitors a sort list to your related blog posts. It enables your visitors to read more contents within similar category by simply clicking on a category or tag URL. So it is generally a excellent concept to use related categories for your blog post.

5. Keep Speed Up Your Site

Build your blog load quicker. To speed up your site, build your blog style basic, use the newest technologies in your blog, Your blog should load within few second. Make sure your blog is right html.

So Dear Readers, above i have mentioned everything with you and now if you are thinking i am missing something from above you can share with us and if you really like my article then please share it on every place where you want and keep sharing this site with your friends, Family..Thanks for Reading my Article..Take care.D

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Dixit Dhinakaran says: 6/15/2013

Great article Arshad! I didn't expect you from this! Keep it up..

Arshad Majeed says: 6/15/2013

Thanks Dear Dixit

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