What should we do if the AdSense rejected for the first time

What should we do if the AdSense rejected for the first time

AdSense rejected

Bloggers like Adsense more than anything. They are not leaving it even after their accounts got banned. You can see there are many people's who got disapproved for their adsense account. Well, for me also the same thing. But I tried by doing some hard work and at last I got my Adsense account in April 2012 for my blog [Triposoft.com]. Today in this article I'm going to discuss about the disapproved adsense account. You may ask me what to with that? Many people are still trying to get adsense account back. In this article you will get an answer for this question. Like there are millions of people. So don't feel for it.

Do you know the true flashback of Adsense? Before getting into this article let me say it first! When for the first time Adsense program was announced. It was a glorious time for all. But at that Adsense was new. I really don't believe this, because at that time Adsense will accept all application without reviewing the blog. You may not believe this, but this is the truth. Then after some years Adsense applied strict policies is because of the growing spam and spam. Because many of our old senior blogger starts to copying the article from other. Their main is to earn money from their blog. This is the main reason for adopting those policies by Google Adsense. After this the spammers and copiers were reduced in numbers.

Google AdSense

From this big flash back what you understand?  If you copy content from other sites then Adsense might disapprove you. Please read the bellow points for more information about using the Disapproved Adense account. After getting rejected is to know that our blog need some modifications. You can make some changes to your blog by following my simple tips given bellow,

  • Make Sure your Blog must be old for about 6-8 months with Quality content.
  • In your blog you should have a minimum of 70-80 unique posts and go on writing.
  • Never try to publish a post contains full of images, because adsense won't see your images, they will see only your content.
  • Don't copy any content from other sites/blogs
  • You should blog about something useful things which should be useful to others.
  • Your blog should get more traffic. If you get about 100+ page views then it is not good.
  • Try to get PageRank for your blog and try to build high quality back links.

I hope you like this article. If you follow those above listed things then you will surely get Adsense account for your re-applied application. By the way, once you get approved don’t do any unwanted things which are far apart from Adsense policy. Please share this article with your friends.

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