How to Customize AdSense and Ad Units for maximizing Revenue

How to Customize AdSense and Ad Units for maximizing Revenue


Every blogger use Google AdSense or Media net (Yahoo ads) for earning higher revenue.  But if we use default ads structure then we can't maximize our ads revenue. Because to earn maximum revenue you have to place your ads to right place and with right color. Beside of this sometimes Google or Yahoo display very dull Ads which is not capable to attract visitors to click on it. For this reason our CPC  will drop drastically. So I am trying to share a simple tutorial that how we can customize our AdSense or Media net (Yahoo ads) for better earning as well as you can beautify your ads unit. We can easily customize ads within a minute by following the below tutorial.

How to Customize Google AdSense Ads Style

Customization of Google Ads is very easy which can make your blog more eye-catching for visitors and they may feel interest to click on it. 

Google Ads

Step 1 Log in to your AdSense account and Go to your Ad Units

Step 2 Now open the Ads and under Ad Style select Use Custom Settings

AdSense customization

Step 3 Now you will find the options to change according to your own style. you can change the color 

of Border, Title, Background, Text, URL Corner Style as well as Font and Font size.

Step 4 Now Hit the Save button and click on Get Code

Step 5 Now Copy the code and paste it in any "HTML/JavaScript" where you want to place ads.

How to Customize (Yahoo) Ads Style

It's pretty simple to customize Ad unit on media net.  You can make your ad unit attractive by changing some color which is best fit for blog.

yahoo ads

Step 1 Log in to your account and Go to your Ad Units

Step 2 Now select your Ad Unit and click on Edit

Step 3  Under Preferred Ad Skin Choose 1st ad Skin and go to bottom of the Page you will see Color Customization


Step 4 Now Select any pre customized option or simple change color of  Background, Text, Title, Description, URL  of Ad unit and then click on "Save & Get Code" button.

yahoo ads customization

Step 5 Now Copy the code and paste it in any "HTML/JavaScript" where you want to place ads.

If you have any query just leave a comment below I will try to response as soon as possible. Wish you maximize your earnings by following this tutorial. And please try to match your ad unit with your template color. My template theme color is Royal Blue and Black, for this reason i have customized all Ads unit with those colors which make my template looking good. And don't use any high contrast color. 
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DEWEY says: 6/10/2013

waaahhh!!!! i really like you are replying to emails and doing TUTorials for a request!! thank you very much...This guy Rocks and all of your posts are informative!

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 6/10/2013

all credit goes to you because you have given me the idea about this topic.. thanks again.

Anonymous 6/10/2013

Thanks bro Muhammad for this tips. Though Adsense has some of the features that hasn't in terms of Ads customization.

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 6/11/2013

bro everything is same except corner style. In Google AdSense you can change the corner of Ad Units.

Haider Khan says: 8/08/2013

nice post Bro :)
plz upload MBT Style Old/New Ribbon To Posts
i will b very thankful thnx :)

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 8/17/2013

Hi Haide. Thanks for your comment.I will post it very soon.

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