How to Choose the right niche before start Blogging Career

How to Choose the right niche before start Blogging Career

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If you are planning to open a new blog or start your blogging career but confuse about the choosing right niche that which one is better to grow up rapidly? This is often a big question for newbie that which niche is better to start blogging. For this reason I can give you some guidelines that which blog niche would be better for you. So before starting blogging first decide why you will start a blog? There are many question may arise such as-

  • Am I Blogging for fun?
  • Am I Blogging for business?
  • Am I Blogging to make money?

Beside of this some common factors works behind to start a new blog that should consider every new blogger to choose right niche.

Your Current Blogging Knowledge

Every person in this world born with some natural knowledge and some are God gifted and some people acquire knowledge by hard work. So if you think you are good at Money making tips or tech base then you should choose these. There are many blogger who is very good in tech writing and also enthusiastic about latest technology. So in which field you are good you can easily understand.

This is better to dive into known niche rather practicing unknown. Remember that you are going to address yourself as an expert or master through your blog niche. This means if you choose SEO niche then you must claim that you are expert on this field. If you haven’t confidence enough then your readers won’t accept your blog as credible source. But I am not telling you that you have to be master before start blogging. If you do research enough then you must become experience on specific niche.

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Give priority on your Interest

Interest or hobby can turn your blogging career success. Because if your interest about writing then you must become a good writer after a certain period of time. But if you feel writing is boring then you can’t utilize your knowledge on good writing. So give priority whatever you like to do. A good writer or tech lover can become most influential writer on tech niche.

On the other hand if you concentrate on widget creation but you don’t have actual knowledge then after creating few widget you won’t feel interest to create more, which means you will lose interest on blogging. As a result many blogger give up at the middle of their blogging career.

So choose right niche where you feel passion. However you if do blog for fun then you can go for any kinds of niche.   

Blogging for making money

There are good number of blogger who do blogging only for making money. This doesn’t mean that they are on wrong intention or doing bad. You can utilize your money making passion into your blogging career. Now a question may come that how we can utilize it? It’s very simple try to write all sort of money making tips over the net and see the outcomes. You would become a successful blogger in money making niche, where you will write about money earning techniques over the net and you would earn money from your own blog.

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Nevertheless this is not a good decision to divert into narrow niche. If you choose only money making tips then your niche will be narrow so try to add some related ideas such as how to open online store or how we can do online business? Something like that and this can bring rapid success into your blogging career.

Choose less competitive blogging niche

Today blogging is a biggest challenge over the net. Daily thousands of blogs are creating and stop blogging almost 80% after certain period of time. Because they can’t compete with others blogger or their blog is not growing. So do little research where less competition is? Which niche is didn’t grow enough or has a good possibility to grow rapidly? After reviewing all kinds of possibility and potentiality choose the right niche. If you see a specific niche with huge competitors then it won’t better to choose it.

less competition

On the other hand, collect information from exiting blogger how they are generating revenue from their blog and how much hard work they have to do.

Blogging for specific Geographic Location (Geo-targeting)

Many poor blogger become success on targeting to specific geographical location for blogging. Suppose you are from Greece Turkey or Russia then it’s better to write blog on Greek, Turkish or Russian language. Because they don’t prefer English language for reading. Some statistical report shown that local blog get better growth rate than international one. In addition, you can grab huge social media fan from your specific geographic location.

Blogging for specific Geographic Location

Some Popular Niche Suggestion

I am providing some suggestion to choose right niche but beside of this there are many idea you may got to select your own niche.

  • Content Writing niche
  • Technology
  • Money Making
  • Blogging Tips & Tricks.
  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) Tips
  • Gadgets Review
  • Site Review
  • Entertainment
  • Celebrity News
  • Template Design
  • WordPress Customization
  • Sports
  • Online Marketing and Hosting Service
  • Online Web development
  • Reselling Program
  • Game Review 

Final Words

I have discussed some logical idea that how we can chose right niche for our blogging that leads to successful career on that field. If you have something to say you can share with us. And I hope that this article will able to guide you to choose right niche. 
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