How to add background color of specific widget or gadget in Blogger

How to add background color of specific widget or gadget in Blogger

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We can easily make our template little bit different by using  simple trick. Generally a blog combination of several widget or gadget on sidebar and footer section, so we can make it different by adding some colors. By this trick you can easily add different background color in different widget or gadget.  But first you have to find out the widget ID first to change specific widget background color. In this tutorial I will show you how to change the Label widget background color and you would be able to change others widget background color easily. 


Finding your each and every widget ID is very simple. Just log into your Blogger account and visit your blog. Now you can see the QuickEdit icon on bottom left corner of the every widget.


Now Click On Right Button of Label widget and Click on Copy Link Location and Paste is in Notepad

The code will be like below--

Here the widget ID is Label1 You will find for other widget different ID (e.g. HTML 2, HTML 3, HTML 4)

Step 1 Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Now click on Edit HTML-> Unfold code  

Step 3 Now Find this code ]]></b:skin>  by pressing  Ctrl + F

Step 4 Paste the below code  Before/above ]]></b:skin> 

background: #04BDFA;

Step 5 Now hit the save Button


  • Change #04BDFA with different color code. You will get the color code from Here
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