How does Google Rank a website and Place link on Higher SERPs

How does Google Rank a website and Place link on Higher SERPs

Page Rank

Have you heard about Larry Page or Sergey Brin? Both of them are founder of Google Page rank who develop Page Rank for the very first time. At the time the concept of page rank was that if you get more backlink then you site is more popular and it leads to higher page rank. Mr Larry Page and Mr. Sergey Brin has introduce page rank according to importance of website from 0 to 10, its work like band score. Suppose you got a backlinks from PR0 and PR2 but both backlink value is not equal. Because Backlink from PR2 is more effective and trustworthy for your site. It’s just like voting, if you get more vote from higher PR site then your site will get higher page rank.

If your current Google Page Rank is 0 like my site then you don’t have to be worry about this. Because Google don’t update PR frequently it update 4 times in a year, If you have good visitors and getting good response from your readers as well as got good number of backlinks then just chill. Because you will get good PR on next Google Page Rank updates. I found many low PR site getting huge traffic while higher PR site getting few. That means PR is not everything. My site is only 6 month old but I am happy with my daily visitors, Backlinks, Feedback from visitors and already published 27 Guest posts. Which may not possible for higher PR site.

Now let’s get back to understanding the PR that how Google rank it?

Page Rank generally combination some important elements which Google judge it on the basis of score. If anybody think if we get huge backlink instead of this Google will give my site higher rank then this concept is totally wrong. Backlinks only 1 element among various important factors. I have summarize below what elements exactly you need to get PR from Google.
  • High quality Content and frequency of Post publishing.
  • Backlinks from higher Rank site (PR 2 to PR9).
  • Number of Links from Social Media sites.
  • Links from Highly Trusted site like Educational, Governmental sites and News
  • Proper on-page optimization. 
  • Age of your website
I have added an infographic which would be better to understand about PR. This infographic has taken from ZipptCart. 


Google Algorithm Ranking Procedure

Google name as algorithm rank relevant result. Which site get higher SERPs and how it affect to get Higher PR. Google is now relying on 200 signals to give page rank to a site. So let's discuss how Google place a site on top in SERPs.

Search rank

More relevant

Google always keep the relevant link at higher. So when a visitors write on search box then the most relevant link get priority and display on higher (SEPRs).   

How often the query terms

This means how many and how often the query by visitors. So if any website content able to show relevant result several time then obviously it will go at higher.

Where the query terms Occur

This indicate that which site's title and link getting more priority on SERPs. those will get more weight on search term.

Document Quality Signal

This is also focused on the quality of writing. Lower quality will go down on SERPs and higher will go top.

Less Relevant lower Quality

Those are always get place on lower position. Because these sites are less relevant to search query.

Hope this article will make you clear about how Google do Page Rank and how we can get higher on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). If you have anything to add with this then don't hesitate to write. You feedback is always appreciable to us. 
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