Does Twitter effective for divert traffic to your Blog?

Does Twitter effective for divert traffic to your Blog?

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Twitter is the second largest social networking site all over the web. Everybody knows after Facebook we imagine twitter. But twitter how much effective to divert visitors this is a big question. Most of the blogger don’t take into account about traffic from twitter because they have a concept that twitter is unable to divert visitors. But this idea is completely wrong, even I was stick to this concept that twitter is unable to divert traffic. Suddenly my idea has changed when I start receiving visitors from twitter. So I am going to share with you how to divert visitors by using twitter effect.

Generally we knows that if we follow someone on twitter then after a certain time s/he will follow you but they are not interested to visit your blog posts. But you will able to divert traffic if you follow some simple trick. But before proceed you must have at least 50+ follower on twitter or try to increase followers by following others.

Find out your own niche on twitter

Don’t go for follow others blindly. Find out who are interested on blog, SEO or Money Earnings then follow them obviously you will get back quick result. After that try to send them direct message and build relation as well as visit their blog. Often make comments on others blog and tell them you got their site from twitter. Then obviously you will receive traffic from twitter.

There are thousands of blog creating every day so you have to find your own niche and try to build relation with them to spread your blog content. As a result you will receive more tweets.

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Leave twitter link on Comments

When you go for comment on others blog then you can leave twitter links of your content rather leaving blog address. When a visitors click on Twitter short link then it will redirect to your blog posts. Beside of this you would also receive positive response from other webmaster as well as your comment will get approve and publish. This will increase your twitter activity and you can increase your twitter followers.

How to Gets More Tweets ?

I was discussed before that you must be stick to a specific niche. If your blog is about SEO then try to follow SEO related twitter profile. Because if you go for blog Money making then they won’t feel interest towards your twitter profile. Try to find out who got huge followers and then try to tweet their content obviously your content will tweet by them and in this way your twitter link will spread to more visitors.


Use Triberr and Twitterfeed to spread your content

Triberr is a popular site which help to spread your content through social stream and in return you mist have to spread others content. Its bit like StumbleUpon but known as Blog Amplification and Content Discovery Platform. Just add your blog feed and Twitter, Facebook to Triberr and share the content which is related to your blog and see how others are sharing your content. Triberr work best for twitter so try to use this to spread your article to millions of visitors.
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On the other hand you can use Twitterfeed to get more tweet and it will also allow you to get feed into your Facebook and Linkedln.
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Finally try to find out when most twitter user stay online. This will help your to spread your content more rapidly. Beside of this you must be active always to make tweet, if you make tweet regularly then your post will be tweet by others. Hope through the above trick you would able to divert traffic through twitter.
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Luke Dale says: 6/14/2013

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