Best Blogging Platform to Create Free Blogs

Best Blogging Platform to Create Free Blogs


Now a day’s blogging is growing day by day with several improvements. Before creating my blog I searched several platforms which let you to start a blog. You can find several platforms. But choose the best and right one for blogging is quite difficult. But however I choose Blogger as my platform. There are many reasons behind this for choosing Blogger as my platform. From blogger you can get free hosting as well as many templates. So now I'm here to share some best blog sites. I hope this article will be useful for those who are going to create a blog or interested in blogging.

1. Blogger

Do you know this man, Pyra Labs? I think so that you don't know him! If you know him then you're correct he only started this blogging service for free. But in 2003 Blogger was bought by Google. In blogger you can host for free. And you can get sub domains of blogger []. After creating a sub domain you can redirect it to your new domain. Many people are using blogger because using is very simple than Word Press. I'm proud of Blogger because my site is hosted on it.
  • Site Address:

2. Word Press

This is another compotator for Blogger. Here hosting service are automatic. And this Word press Hosting Service is powered by a software. Using Word Press is partly different from Blogger. And here also blogs are hosted at sub domains which were provided by Word press. Here also you can redirect your blog to a new domain. You can get highly professional themes and widgets for Word press than Blogger. However it is somewhat tough to use it [Beginners]. And for them Blogger is so easy.
  • Site Address:

3. Tumblr

I have no idea about Tumblr. This is an new blog site which was recently bought by Yahoo for several billions. It is quietly different from Blogger and Word Press. In Tumblr you can share Photos, Videos, Links, and more. As Blogger the blogs are hosted at sub domains of Tumblr. Yahoo has big internet network. But Google is so bigger than Yahoo. Take your decision.
  • Site Address:

4. Weebly

In Weebly you can get inbuilt templates. It is very easy to use for beginners like blogger. And this service was started in 2006. There are many versions for Weebly. You can choose any one from it. In Weebly there is a separate section for Designer Platform.
  • Site Address:

5. LiveJournal

Here you can get many internal services like Guest Authors, Commenting, pools, and more. Like Yahoo Answer here you can suggest questions for your unknown answer. And here you can get Forum supports. You can shop, share, and more.
  • Site Address:

I hope this article will be useful for those who are going to create a blog or interested in blogging. If you have any other best blogging sites which were not mentioned in this article then share it with us in comments. Don't forget to share this article with your friends.

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Posted by Dixit Dhinakaran
I’m a Complete Technology and Blogging Enthusiast. I can’t live without My Blog. And I proud of my blog. The journey of my life has always been with short-term goals to achieve something or the other, definitely not by learning, but by Blogging. I’ll Surely Achieve my Goals !
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Ankit Kumar Singla says: 6/09/2013

I have tried all of them and love blogger the most. It's easiest blogging platform. What you say bro?

Anonymous 6/09/2013

This is pretty nice bro Mohammad, i so much preferred than every other Blogging platform because of it friendly and easy to use interface both for newbie and pro Bloggers. Thanks for sharing this useful tips.

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Dixit Dhinakaran says: 6/10/2013

Ankit you are correct ! Blogger is easy to use than other blogging platforms.

Dixit Dhinakaran says: 6/10/2013

You're Welcome!

Alice Cornelios says: 7/05/2013

Thanks Dixit for this post, I am a fan of word press, however, I have heard from friends that I can actually earn money from blogging. is it possible to monetize my blog using the free blog platform?

Alice from Good Blogs

Dixit Dhinakaran says: 7/05/2013

Yes, sure you can monetize your blog by using free blogging platform mentioned in this article. It's better to add AdSense and to double your earnings. This will do better for your blog.

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