5 ways to show appreciation at your Site

5 ways to show appreciation at your Site

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Thanks to social media, it has never been easier to show appreciation for a website, band, movie, business or even an individual person. Social media is not the only way that a person may show appreciation for a website, but it has certainly become one of the easiest ways. Plus, now that social media makes a difference to a website’s search engine optimization, it is actually beneficial to the website if people do show their appreciation for a website via social media.

1 - Install a Facebook “Like” widget

These widgets are dangerously easy to install on a website, and they can be made to be very small. Which means you can install them just about anywhere on a page. They show appreciation in numbers. People with a Facebook profile are able to click the widget, and their click will be registered and displayed on the site by adding to the number of clicks already received.

If your website is liked by a lot of people, then the Facebook widget will show a large number of clicks. A person must have a Facebook account to start with, but most people do these days. If the user is signed in to Facebook whilst using the same web browser (in one session), then the widget may be clicked on and the “like” displayed instantly. If the user has not signed into Facebook yet, then he or she will be asked to sign in when the widget is clicked.

“Likes” on a web page will also have an SEO effect. They are a form of social media marker (like a social media mention) that tells Facebook your website is liked. It also indicates to Google that your website is liked and that it may have valuable information. This makes Google more likely to rank you up their search engine results pages.

2 - Install a comment section that posts to social media

There are a number of ways you may install a comment section. The best ones are the ones that allow you to sign in via social media, and even via your email address. All you have to do is enter your comment and then pick how you would like to add it. A drop down list is given with options such as “Facebook” or “Hotmail” or “guest”. You pick the one you want and sign in (if needed).

Posting as a guest will add the comment, but do little else. It adds a small amount of SEO value, and is a method of showing appreciations, but that is it. If you sign in with a social media site then your comment may be posted on a social media site. At the very least, it has an SEO benefit because it helps to prove that the commenting person is not in fact the webmaster trying to make himself/herself look good.

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3 - Install a “share” button on your website

This will allow people to share your content over the social media sites. They may also add their own comments to it and show their appreciation for the site. The readers may trace the share back to the original website. Sharing using an official and popular share widget will not have your site penalized for duplication. You would usually be penalized by Google if your content appeared elsewhere on the internet, however, the legitimate share buttons will only share certain parts over social media, and will help you avoid any duplication penalties.

4 - Install a poll on your website that publishes results online

You can install polls on your Facebook pages, and you can do similar things on your website. You can ask people anything, and you can optimize the poll so that people may show their appreciation for your website.

5 - Install a Twitter “Tweet” widget

People are able to Tweet about the content that they have just looked about and read, but without some form of referencing most people are going to ignore what they have seen. With a Twitter “Tweet” widget, a person may click the button, express their love for your site, and then post the Tweet. This comes with the added benefit of installing a link to the page so that people may visit your site.

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