What the benefits of daily blog updates and why we should updates daily?

What the benefits of daily blog updates and why we should update our Blog and website daily?

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Blog owners always try to take their blog in advance level. So they try to adopt all types of strategy. But all of them are not always success so they have to adopt many strategy. Daily blog update is one of the best strategy to increase page visits. If you can update your blog daily then you would be able to retain existing readers as well as you can attract more visitors at a time. It will also increase your position in search engines with daily content and quality. Many blogger are confused about this they should they go for daily updates or not? Some bloggers are getting traffic without daily updating and some are getting by weekly updates. This issue is controversial, but I am sharing this article because I got positive result by adopting this strategy.

By this article you would know what the benefits of daily blog updates are and why we should updates daily?

Increase Visitors Engagement

Visitors always want new thing. If you are a loyal readers of a specific site and often visit to get some new article then you will always expect new article. So in this aspect daily blog update is very important. Because some readers may feel boor by watching same article every day. Beside of this your reader’s interest will go higher and more traffic will arrive on your site.

Reducing Bounce rate

Only lack of new posts your blog bounce rate many increase. Bounce rate means you are getting visitors but with few second they are leaving your site. If you got returning blog visitors they may leave your blog for not any update or new posts. As a result blog bounce rate will increase.

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Search Engine Crawl

It is proven in my case that whenever I make new post then search engine crawl my blog several time. As a result I get more visitors and more page visit. This strategy you can adopt when you will see that your visitors reduced significantly then as soon as possible make new post and see the result. Obviously it will divert more new visitors towards your site.

Higher Page Rank

Google give priority to those site who make regular update which may increase your page rank. Non updating site got crawl few times on search engine and those site display in lower position on SERPs (Search engine result Page). And those who update regular Search engine take that blog link on higher position within SERPs. Ultimately this kinds of blog get higher page rank.

Hope the above tips will help you to grow your blog traffic and rank. But those who already got higher page rank from Google then daily updates may not affect to get new traffic. However for new blogger should be emphasize on daily blog update to establish themselves as a successful blogger. If you have any practical experience about this issue you can share with us.
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Zeeshan Ahmed says: 5/09/2013

Awesome Article and its very useful


Adrian Lucernas says: 5/09/2013

Reducing bounce rate? for example if my bounce rate is 99% is it good to my site? Looking forward to your reply soon..

Best Regards:

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 5/10/2013

hahahha bro you know better than me.99% bounce rate means you don't have any returning visitors and visitors are not staying on your site for a long.link building by commenting on blogger default comment box Google treat it like spam and may penalize by Google Panda and Penguin updates.

Ankit @ Blogger Tips Tricks says: 5/10/2013

Dear Mohammad Bro, please tell me how updating blog regularly helps in increase page rank? PR depends on quality backlinks right?

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 5/10/2013

I think you have read the above article about importance of daily blog update. You will get the answer there. The quality backlinks only partial factor to get higher backlink. because PR depends on Quality content, Traffic, backlink, Proper optimization (On page and off page) etc.

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