How Google Analytics Tools Improve Your Blogging Experience

How Google Analytics Tools Improve Your Blogging Experience

Analytic tools

Analytic tools means the details information about something. Google analytic is a powerful tools that helps the blogger to find out how many visitors, new visitor, returning visitors and many more. So as a blogger we should know the accurate information for better growing our blog. And for this we should understand the Google Analytics tools.

What is Google Analytics?

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Google Analytics monitors online traffic and generates detailed statistics about the visitors of blog. There are many analytics tools but a blogger can use Google Analytics as free and gather information about their blog. Finally as per statistical data blogger can understand what types of action can be taken to grow their blog.Google analytics provide a details information about your visitors that how many visitors has visited your site and among them how many are new and how long they are staying on your site.

How does it work?

Google Analytics always provide unique tracking code for each blog site and by this tracking code it can easily collect visitor’s data. It can obtain some subtle data about your visitors that location of the visitors, time of entry and exit from your blog and which browser and operating system are using your visitors.


blogger info

At the above image you can see the summary of BloggerSpice. Above the data it shows that total visit, Page views, Average visit duration, Percentage of new visits, Unique Visitors, Pages/visit and Bounce Rate. The more importantly for blogger you should know the returning visitors. Returning visitors means loyal readers that visitors converted 

loyal readers. In case of BloggerSpice we can see 57.7% are new visitors and 42.3% are returning visitors. Which is positive for a blog site. But to create returning visitor you have to work hard. Bounce rate also a big factor but in the above data 58.54% bounce rate is tolerable position. But as much as we can reduce bounce rate we will be more success. But the data will vary day to day so you have to analyze the data and take necessary action according to Google Analytic Data

 Landing Page Information

By Google Analytics you will also can check the summary of landing page from search engine. From this information you would be able to know which post basically readers like to visit and importance on search engine. This table generally show you best 10 links that visitors are landing through pages. As well as it will show the total Impressions and Clicks.

Geographical Information

Geographical information

Bloggers also can see the Geographical impression and visits by Google Analytics tools. Through this data you will know the major readers locations. In case of BloggerSpice most readers from India, United States and Bangladesh. You can see there are 8000 impression from China but got only 5 clicks. It may happen due to language problem.

Browsers and Operating System Data

browsers and operating system

Not only able to find the Geographic location of your readers you can also get data that what browser and Operating System they are using. This data help the blogger who create widget. Because all widget are not compatible with all browser. So you should choose the major browser where visitors are using to visit your blog.

Google Analytic


If you want to become a successful blogger then you must know your audience and their all activities. For this reason, Google Analytics tools can help your which is free of cost. It is necessary to grow and develop your audience by providing high quality data and latest information. Google Analytics data also help to attract advertisers and Visitors, even if you want to sell your blog and want to calculate your blog value then you can take help from Google Analytics data. 
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Ankit Kumar Singla says: 5/05/2013

Great tutorial bro. Really google analytic is wonderful tools. It's real time feature is superb. Great sharing bro.

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 5/06/2013

thanks bro..I have share this because many blogger don't know the proper use of Google Analytics. By using this a blogger can get accurate information about their blog growth. Every blogger should use it to become a successful blogger.

Harleena Singh says: 5/06/2013

Hi Mohammad,

My return first visit to your blog, and an informative post :)

Yes indeed, Google Analytics are very important, and I feel every blogger should check out their stats and other things on it more often. It's a nice write up to help those who don't know about it.

Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day :)

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 5/06/2013

thanks for your valuable comment.

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