Guidelines to Design your Website landing Page Effectively

Guidelines to Design your Website landing Page Effectively

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The homepage of your website is the face of your online presence. It is what makes the first impression on online audiences about your company and business. When people type in the URL of your website, they reach your homepage. The goal of the page is to communicate broadly what you do and to create the right first impression.In this article, we’ll go over some website design tips for designing homepages.

1. Identify the website design goal  

The homepage is a website’s initial chance to make an impression, so a site visitor must see exactly what they’re looking for the moment they arrive. Defining the purpose of the website design will help you see what will attract users to the site.

2. Connect with your visitors

Connect with your visitors by creating a home page that inspires trust and builds relation.Make privacy and security policies readily available and placed in an easily accessible position on your home page.Make sure your contact information is easy to find, conveying the message that you are open to communication with your customers.

3. Writing good homepage content

Writing good homepage content is important for search engine optimization  Search engine spiders need written content as it helps them decide how relevant a web page is to a specific search phrase, and therefore where to list the website in their search engine results. The search engines give the most importance to the homepage of each website and so it is important to have good content on the home page.

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4. Headings and subheadings

Highlight your product benefits or services. Put your content as short paragraphs. Believe it or not, most visitors comes to your web site with tubular vision. They just focus on what are looking for. So highlight important benefits of your product.

5. Responsive Design

It is essential for a homepage to have good, user-friendly design, which incorporates all of the above elements and presents them in way that is usable on all platforms. Responsive websitedesign allows for the entire website to be viewed on any type of device including smart phones and pads or notebooks.

6. Brand consistency

The most successful marketing reflects brand consistency. Select a design, template, color scheme, logo, etc. very carefully. You not only want these elements to reflect your product or service, you also need them to remain consistent across all platforms.

In these effective and easy steps, you will have your home page of the website design nicely.Make sure you employ these tips to make a quick but lasting impression on your viewers to get repeat visitors to your website.

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The website landing page should grab the attention of online visitors and arouse interest in customers to browse through the various pages of a website. Website designer should find it easy to locate the call to action button on the website.

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Very helpful points.
These six steps to design website are easy and effective
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