Google Penguin Algorithm Update 2.0 rolled out 22nd May 2013

Google Penguin Algorithm Update 2.0 rolled out 22nd May 2013

Google Penguin

Google Penguin 2.0 update known as spam fighting algorithm which is most awaited updates. Webmasters are seeking this updates for hit the Google Search Result. Google Penguin Update is good for Real blogger that means who write unique and quality content but it is a fear for who maintain low quality blog with copied content.

A statement from Google’s Web Spam Team Head, Matt Cutts declare this update will completely remove web spam. He has also told that due to Google Penguin Update 2.9 impacts 2.3% of English queries and also impacts other languages but the percentage depends on the level of spam in respective languages. Google has run this updates on 22 May 2013. Let’s know what’s new in Google Penguin Algorithm 2.0?

Monitor Quality of the Links

First it takes into account about low quality backlinks which will no longer have any value to Google Search engine. And those site will be affected most. If Penguin found any low quality link on your site then your page rank will be drop from top to bottom. Google Penguin Update 2.0 focusing on link value importantly. If you got more quality links then your chance will increase to get higher rank.

Observed Link Velocity period

There are many blogger who makes huge backlinks overnight and Google take this issue seriously. Those blog who acquire backlinks rapidly those site will be mark as Red as well as Google may think you have applied Black Hat techniques or bought links from link seller. Google accept those site who acquire backlinks gradually.

Targeted Lower Level Content Pages

This is another problem for lower quality website owner because Google Penguin now targeting not only your site home page but also it will check your content page also. Who use excessive keywords for ranking and search engine visibility they will be penalize which is also known as keyword staffing. So be careful about using relevant keyword in your each and every content.

Connection with Social Media

Social Media is getting much preference in this time. Those blog who own much social media profile for their site they will get a chance to get higher ranking. So try to create profile with various social media site and this will also provide you Do-follow backlinks which can take your blog page rank higher.

Tips for Overcome from Next Google Penguin Update?

Of course there is a way for lower quality blog who wants to get ride from Google Penguin next update. Last year 5 October 2012 was run this update by Google so hopefully again expecting on October 2013 Google Penguin algorithm update. So it's time to take some pre-action to be safe from Penguin.
  • Don’t go for keyword staffing and remove where you have used.
  • Find the low quality backlinks and remove those links by using Google disavow.
  • Engage with Social media site to build high quality bakclinks.
As soon as possible you should take proper SEO plan thus Google Penguin can’t affect your site in next update. If you can follow the guidelines for overcome obviously your site will get better rank rather penalty. 
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