Why Readers dislike to stay longer time on your Blog?

Why Readers dislike to stay longer time on your Blog?

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As a Bloggers often you do monotonous work to bring something new for your blog after 3 to 4 hour brain storming. Blogger spend their most of the time on blogging with their best outcome, However it is often see that blogger doesn't get relevant and returning traffic due to some silly reason. The reason behind this is to disturbing your readers.

In this article I am going to share why readers feel disturb when they visit a blog and dislike to stay longer time on your blog.

Slower Template's loading time

It is often seen that many blogger try to beautify their blog with using many animation. As a result they rely of flash base Coding and also use more than 5 or 6 JavaScript or CSS file that makes the blog slower. Visitors don’t likes slow loading site, as a result they feel disturb or annoy to visit the whole site. Finally simply they just exit from that site and don’t plan to revisit again.

Pop-up Ads and Widgets

There are many pop up ads they really disturbing for readers or visitors. I have seen many blog that in landing page there are several pop-up ads appearing in the middle of the page most of the visitors don’t accept this kind of site as professional. There are several way to make money but relying on pop-up ads can destroy your chunk of traffic.


On the other hand there are another popup widget like Facebook, twitter and RSS Feed subscription are the same as pop-up ads. Because those widget are appearing each and every page repetitively. So instead of this you can use one time popup widget that will appear only one time when a visitor will in your site,

Do not be share able

Some site hasn't any sharing options on social sharing site. This is really hate by visitors, because readers those who like the content they always want to share the article to different social sharing site. But due to absence of the sharing widget readers can’t share it.

Using multimedia

There are many site who use excessive multimedia which is really disturbing for readers. Because it increase the templates loading time. Some blog embed YouTube video that is also affect the loading time. There are also some site that start automatic video and background music which is really disturbing for those visitors who use slower internet connection. Readers from SEO niche won’t come to watch video in your site,
Finally my suggestion is that if you have above mentioned issues on your blog then immediately remove all pop-up ads and widget, Multimedia. And combined your JavaScript and CSS file if you are using more than 3 or 4 file. 
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