Why And How to Calculate Your Blog value

Why And How to Calculate Your Blog value

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Why we should know about our blog value? if you are running a Blog but due to some unexpected problem you are unable to continue blogging and planning to sell your blog  then you must know what is your blog value. Beside this there are some blogger who build a good blog with loyal readers then they sell their blog for earning good amount of money. So you should know how to calculate your blog value. There are several ways to calculate your blog value which is describe below for your kind information.

Use Blog Value Calculator Site

You will find many site that calculate blog value instantly by analyze your traffic, ads revenue and Rank. But you shouldn’t rely on them because each and every site will show different value of your blog. You should take the calculated blog value just for guidelines for calculating actual value. You can use some popular blog value calculator which can provide you reliable information after thoroughly analysis.

  • http://www.blogcalculator.com/calcuate-blog-value/
  • http://www.mywebsiteworth.com/
  • http://www.cubestat.com/
  • http://www.websiteoutlook.com/
  • http://www.sitevaluecalculator.com/

Calculate Value Manually

After getting information from Blog value calculator site you should analyze your site by yourself. If you want to sell your blog directly then you should advertise by displaying some information to potential buyer. By considering the below points you can easily understand the how much value of your blog.  Such as- 
  • Total Page views per month
  • Monthly unique visitors
  • The evolution of traffic (showing at least 6 months of steady growth, but 1 year is better)
  • Alexa and WTO Rank
  • Domain Age and name (Can easily memorable)
  • Total followers of social networking site (e.g. Facebook,Twitter, Google+, and others).
  • Number and quality of backlinks
  • Monthly Ads revenue
  • Number of Audience from various demographic area (Preferable USA, UK)
  • Percentage of Quality and unique blog content
  • Involvement in the community blog

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How to increase the value of your blog or website

If your blog value is lower than your expectation then you should follow some steps to increase your blog value.
  • Use Custom domain that is transferable to potential buyer.
  • Create unique blog design which is eye catching
  • Create high quality blog content that is unfamiliar to everyone before you publish.
  • Create high quality backlinks for your site. Remember 1 quality back link is better than 100 low quality backlinks from spammy site.

I hope that this article will help you to calculate your blog value. If you are planning to sell your blog very quick then you should remember the above steps. And At least your blog age should be minimum 6 months to 1 year that means more old blog means more chance to sell.

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