Jarid Customized Blogger Template Free Download

Jarid Customized Blogger Template Free Download


Hi fellows I just customized a awesome blogger template that will easily attract visitor to your site. This template can be use for Tech or Tips. I have customized the posts body 650px that will help to use widescreen post image and mid-sidebar is 160px and sidebar is 300px. So overall the template is perfactly improved and best for those blogger who wants to use widescreen and WordPress look templates This templates original name is Jarid and Template author is www.soratemplates.com and designer from http://www.tielabs.com. Jarid Customized Blogger Template load faster, responsive, widescreen and eye-catching design.

Template features 

  • 3 Columns 
  • Magazine Style 
  • Fixed Width
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Social Widget
  • Related post with hover effect,
  • Customized post body and sidebar 
  • comment box also added glowing effect on every images of the template
  • 4 Column Footer

Live Demo    Download


Configure Dropdown Menu:

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Go to your Layout tab.

Now scroll down and find the below codes:

<div class='main-menu'>
<ul class='menu' id='menu-main'>
<li><a href='#'>Home</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Post Head Modes</a>
<ul class='sub-menu'>
<li><a href='#'>Post With Featured Image</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Post With Slider</a></li>

Replace "#" with your own URL.

Remove Header Banner with your ads

find the below code and Replace the code by your ads code

    <div class='ads-top'>
     <a href='#' target='_blank'><img src='../banner728.gif'/></a>

License : Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

This free Blogger Template is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, which permits both personal and commercial use. However, to satisfy the 'attribution' clause of the license, you are required to keep the footer links intact which provides due credit to its authors. For more specific //details about the license, you may visit the URL below: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0

Copyright © 2013 And All Rights Reserved By BloggerSpice.com
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Anonymous 4/20/2013


Can u up only the auto read more from this template?

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 4/20/2013

yes I can. If you want only auto read-more code just send me your email address through Contact Us Page....I will send the code.

Revolver says: 7/16/2013

Hello and congratulations for your job!I have a question about this template.I have set up my blog,as i want except one part.I cannot find a way,so the slider refresh automatically with the recents posts,so i dont have to put posts manually one by one.You know what part of the HTML code i have to change so can do that?
Thanks a lot!

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 7/17/2013

Hi revolver thanks for your comment ..When I have customized this template then I have removed the slider. Because many user don't like this. So please contact to soratempalte the original creator, I hope he can help you to solve the issue about slider.

Hemed Bashange says: 9/13/2013

sorry sir can you help me one about this template why when you post medium picture they shift to the left instead of remaining to the center help sir i want all my post images to align @ the center when i publishing it.

Hemed Bashange says: 9/13/2013

sorry sir can you help me to change this Rifqiy Blogger Template to look like this one on this site http://www.naijaxclusive.com help me please.

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 9/14/2013

Hi Hemed..This template image always align to left. To align in center find the below code--

.post img{float:left;margin-right:15px}

and replace left with center

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 9/14/2013

Hey Hemed...Send me the template and where you want to change write through email.

Hemed Bashange says: 9/14/2013

wow how great you are you inspire me so much thanks you bro for code

Hemed Bashange says: 9/14/2013

sir can you send me your email through hemedbashange@gmail.com i want to attach that template and send to you

Hemed Bashange says: 9/14/2013

sorry sir how many Google adsense ads are allowed to put on the blog

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 9/14/2013

I have send you email.

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 9/14/2013

3 Ad units and 3 link ads total 6 as well as you can set ads for search result.

search some thing in my search box. You would see ads are displaying.

Hemed Bashange says: 9/14/2013

OK thank a lot god bless you

MANKIND says: 10/25/2013

Good Nice, You doing good here

MANKIND says: 10/25/2013

This is great. Pls how can l reduce the font of the Title blog. Is too big for me. Thanks

MANKIND says: 10/25/2013

Or how can l change it to image.

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 10/26/2013

Hi Mankind..
Find code like below and change font-size:26px to 16px or 20px 8-)
post h2{
font-family:"Trebuchet MS",sans-serif;

MANKIND says: 11/01/2013


MANKIND says: 11/01/2013

Pls how do l edit the twitter and facebook counter to match my own

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 11/02/2013

Hi Mankind you have to do it manually..find 2,056 for twitter and find 119,689 for facebook by pressing Ctrl+F inside the Edit HTML...then make change. :d

MANKIND says: 11/15/2013

hello, pls need to add share social buttons below the post, you have any widget l can use. beautify one, Thanks. And the thumbnail for the post is not showing, what could have cause this. Thanks.

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 11/17/2013

Hi Mankind..You would get 4 social sharing widget Under Archive in my blog's sidebar--

Bookmark-1, 2,3,4

Check those and add any one. :)

MANKIND says: 11/18/2013

pls o, dont say my problem too much, how can l make my post to be thumbnail, like yours.

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 11/19/2013

This is different coding..You can hire me for designing unique rocking template (o). I charge only $20 per template.

mdodosaji tanzania says: 4/24/2014

how to add post summary for this template sir please help me

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 4/27/2014

This template will show only 2 line description...Because Auto readmore coding developed by original author. I have just modified the whole template. Thanks

Muhammad Arslan says: 6/08/2014

Well Work bro! I have question that how to add google ads after post title and also at the end of the post?
and will it is necessary to convert the ad code please reply me fast as soon as possible. and well done again! :)

Muhammad Arslan says: 6/08/2014

Sir I have a question that How to add google ads below post title and also at the end of the post in this template?
Please tell me as soon as possible and bro you rock for this best template customization.

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 6/09/2014

Please read the following tutorilas....for placing AdSense ads below Post title, End of the Post etc....




And before placing the ad code you must encode it first..For encoding the AdSense code please go to below link and Encode it----


Franktz Media says: 12/17/2016

Thanks bro you are ae resources person

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 12/17/2016

Hi Frank, You are most Welcome..:)

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