How to Install YouTube Videos on BlogSpot post or sidebar

How to Install YouTube Videos on BlogSpot post or sidebar


Adding videos and sounds to your blog is very unique and special, it can help to attract users to your blog because of the media effect that take place on your blog. Users will fancy the media effect if you install on your blog and also it beautify your blog. A blogger can create video tutorial and upload it to YouTube and can be share in their blog. However, How to embed a YouTube video in Blog post or sidebar, in this Article I will share that how to install YouTube videos on Blogger post and sidebar, YouTube, The World Largest Online Video Sharing Website. YouTube has over 120,000,000 videos and for like every seconds videos are being uploaded. Quit the blabbering and off to the chase.

Tutorial 1. How to add YouTube videos on your blog post

Step 1 Log in to your blogger account and Click on Template  ->

Step 2 
Now, Click on New post and Choose HTML Mode

Note: You can either write your text before adding the video or add the video before writing your text or even add it in the middle. Choice is your.

Step 3 Now visit and Click on your selected video that you want to add

YouTube video

Step 4 At the right side of the video page you will find The EMBED Code,Now Copy the Embed code to your Clipboard.

Step 5 Back to your Blog post screen Click On 'Edit HTML' and paste in the Embed code you copied earlier to it And You publish your post to Install the video on your post.Or if, you wish to continue with your text? You can.

Now let install YouTube video to your blog sidebar by adding a HTML Gadget

Tutorial 2. How to add YouTube video to your sidebar

Step 1 First of all Go through Step 3 & 4 in section 1 before taking the next step here.

Step 2 Login to your blogger dashboard and select on the blog you wish to install video to.

Step 3 After Selecting your Blog. Click on "LAYOUT" at the left side of the page.

Step 4 Formation of your blog will be view then you click on "Add A Gadget" link at the Sidebar.

Step 5 "HTML/JavaScript" or "Configure HTML/JavaScript" window open containing two text field i.e. 

title 'n' content field

Step 6 Now, give a name to represent the video widget in the "Title"Field. E.g. New Videos.

Step 7 Right Click anywhere inside the "Content" field and Paste in the Video EMBED Code.

Step 8 Click The 'Save' Button to Install Your video on your blog side bar or 'Preview' video before 

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